10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss a Wine Trolley Tour in Livermore Valley


I found myself on board the vintage, heated Livermore Wine Trolley singing ‘California Love’ and surrounded by LED lighting, at a time when I had least expected it. With a few new acquaintances, I had an opportunity to try five of the best wineries that have won awards from Las Positas Vineyards, located on Wetmore Road, paired with dishes prepared by their executive chef. A majority of wineries allow guests to sample their wines on a patio, making this an outdoor tasting experience.

Today, on this wintery Sunday, we are grateful to have the chance to take part in a very civilized type of action: the cost-effective tour of the historic Livermore Valley, which includes three winery stops and the driver designated, Fernando who has been entrusted with charisma and a presence that is reminiscent of his previous job in the role of San Francisco ers announcer. The tour is a complete and fresh perspective on a region that is often ignored by Bay Area residents. Even though I’m only a couple of minutes away from the valley, I’ve come to know it quite thoroughly over time. I’ve been privileged enough to interview winemakers, pick up bottles of wine, as well as judge contests.

Participants of this formal tasting had the chance to taste 14 wines from three different estates. This included the well-known Concannon Vineyard, enabling them to reconnect and observe the terroir of Livermore Valley. The wine’s evolution was also evident, particularly as you sampled some of the more recent varietals including Verdelho as well as Cabernet Franc. Participants gathered at Garre Vineyard in Winery on this cold day. It is a family-owned firm that’s located along Tesla Road. The heavy winter rain had turned the hills from golden brown into an enveloping moss-like green. fog still blanketed the area.

We were honored to be welcomed by the Garre Vineyards to a tasting of their wines. While sipping sparkling off-dry wine, Martel and our host explained the history and ownership of Bob Molinaro. We were told that his Italian grandparents and his father generated red wines from grapes stolen from Napa Valley, which also inspired Mr. Molinaro’s decision to open the winery in the s as a tribute to their heritage. For the purpose of tasting, we tried sweet, soft sangiovese and primitivo from estate grown grapes, which inspired both admiration and admiration.

Martel led me and my acquaintances to an area at a table. We were asked not to hurry through our succession of five wine pairings, as well as the accompaniments of two-bite food. The group was just beginning to get acquainted as the kind of environment that resembled a classroom sparked mutual laughter over sipping a strong, bold syrah. Martel was a great instructor, explaining the distinct characteristics of each one, prompting us to reconsider our wine selection and allowing us to try different wine styles, along with tomato basil soup, flatbread that was grilled with vegetables and different foods. She said “Don’t let us dictate your palate.” Discover what you love.

We were graciously given an % discount upon our arrival at Garre’s Winery. Furthermore, Fernando graciously offered to hold our purchases until the tour was over. After he had explained our next location, Las Positas Vineyards five miles to our east Lisa together with Lothar Maier joined us and we were seated. There are acres upon acres of different vines on the estate. They have barbera and tempranillo, verdolho, barbera, merlot, tempranillo. chardonnay, and mourvedre. The winery recently opened an area that serves tasty wine-friendly meals and seasonal flatbreads in addition to live music.


The experience with Martel’s wine was informative and fun. We had the opportunity to experience the wine experience in a completely different way. We figured out our personal preferences on our own, and learned about ourselves and finding out which wines we enjoyed.



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