1,200 deaths in Pakistan floods – a national tragedy


Officials from Pakistan expressed concerns on Wednesday regarding the spreading of waterborne disease in flood victims as the flood waters receded in certain areas of Pakistan. Doctors said that at first they were seeing mostly victims of the floods who had been traumatized however, they are now seeing people suffering from acne, diarrhea and other water-related ailments in the country’s flood-hit areas. According to Pakistani officials, the floods have claimed over 1600 lives and impacted greater numbers of people since the floods began on the last day of October. The United Nations has warned that the flooding could cause a humanitarian crisis, there are 2.5 million individuals in need of help.

1. Why is Pakistan in such high demand?

Heavy rains and monsoon conditions has caused massive flooding in Pakistan. The rains have led to rivers overflowing their banks, resulting in massive flooding across many parts of Pakistan. It has resulted in several deaths as well as many being forced to move from their houses.

2. How did the flooding affect populations in Pakistan?

More than 1,200 people are been affected by the recent floods that hit Pakistan. While the water continues to rise there is a good chance that many more will be killed. Many people have been displaced from their homes and are now being housed in temporary shelters. The majority of them don’t have access to clean water or food as well as sanitation facilities, which make the situation unsanitary. Even though the Pakistani government is trying to aid the poor, it has proved difficult because of the extent of the catastrophe. International aid is also being provided, with more on the way. The flooding has had disastrous effects on population of Pakistan and assistance is continuing.

3. Are there any diseases that flood victims suffer from?

The death toll of the Pakistan flooding continues to climb as does the number of people affected by illness. Cholera, dysentery and other infections are the most widespread. They are spread through polluted water. The other ones that have been reported are malaria and hepatitis. The flooding has also resulted in a lack of water for drinking, which further has exacerbated the current situation.

4. How serious is the flooding in Pakistan?

The recent floods in Pakistan have caused a lot of damage, killing more than 1200 people and millions of people displaced. The flooding has destroyed homes, roads, and infrastructure and left many without access to basic needs like water, food and shelter. The Pakistani government is trying to help those who are affected. International aid has been slow in arriving. It is a dire situation and is likely to get worse until it improves.

A Quick Summary

Officials from Pakistan worry about waterborne disease being spread among flood victims. While the monsoon showers slow down, the majority of Pakistan have seen their waters decrease. The doctors said they’d been treating traumatized flood victims, but now are being treated for diarrhea and the skin is suffering from infections.



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