‘terrifying’ Strictly experience


It’s a shame that we won’t have the opportunity to see Blackpool’s incredible show. Each week we would have an entirely new hairstyle and totally different cut.

1. Did there exist a strategy in the beginning to improve Blackpool’s performance?

The original plan of Blackpool was the show to have a ballroom feel. They quickly realized that they needed to add an extra level of excitement to the show to keep the audience interested. They decided to add the use of lifts as well as other tricks to their routine. The result was that the routine became challenging and thrilling for the dancers.

2. What did happen to the couple who was knocked out?

Because of a variety of reasons, they were removed from the competition. The dance they performed wasn’t at the standards of other contestants. Also, they lacked the charisma and stage presence that is required to wow judges as well as the crowd. Additionally, they made costly errors in their performances. They didn’t have a great night and the team that defeated the other couple were more successful.

A Short Summary

Ruth Langsford had a great experience on Strictly Come Dancing, even when she was overwhelmed throughout the training. Ruth was able to master lots and was able to enjoy the challenge.



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