Are we prepared for the next evacuation?


The war that lasted for nearly two decades in Afghanistan witnessed 2.6 million Afghans escape to safety, and displacement. There were 3.5 million others. According to the Associated Press reports that the U.S. spent nearly $2.26 trillion on war expenses. That’s more than 300 million dollars per day. More than 2500 U.S. troops were killed as well as more than 20,000 wounded. The pain of Afghans are increasing and their rights are violated and they require to be assisted. Just 34% of IOM’s updated Comprehensive Action Plan for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries (CAP), that aims to help 3.6 million people , is being funded.

1. Who is the UNHCR’s employees?

The International Organization, also known as that is the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) offers aid and security to those suffering the effects of persecution and conflict. After the Second World War ended, the UNHCR was established with the intention of coordinating and oversee international efforts in aiding refugees as well as people affected by conflicts. The only UN agency is able to provide refugee protection and aid. In a depressing report that was released, the Evacuation of Kabul was an incredibly chaotic and confusing incident with devastating yet avoidable outcomes. The incident has brought to light the work of the UNHCR and its challenges to overcome.

2. Who can the UNHCR assist?

The people who have been forced out of their homes due to conflicts or persecution can receive help and protection through UNHCR. United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). This includes refugees as well as internally displaced persons (IDPs). UNHCR provides life-saving aid, such as shelter, food, and drinking water. They also provide the long-term assistance like the opportunity to learn, income as well as financial assistance. UNHCR is a voice for refugees and IDPs and strives to make certain that their rights are respected and that they are able to rebuild their lives in respect and security.

3. Does the UNHCR an organization for humanitarian aid?

Aiding refugees and protecting them across the globe is the mission of UNHCR (United United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). The way the UNHCR has handled the refugee crisis has come under scrutiny following the deportation of Kabul. The UNHCR has been criticized for its response to the crisis. According to a report, the evacuation caused chaos and chaos that led to devastating yet avoidable outcomes. UNHCR justifies its action in a claim that coordination for such a massive evacuation cannot be achieved. It is suggested that it could have done better prepared to avoid the devastating results.

4. What are the most significant accomplishments of UNHCR?

In 1950 in 1950, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees was created to aid millions of Europeans who had fled war-torn nations or who were forced to relocate. The UNHCR is accountable for coordination of efforts across the globe to aid those in need as well as solve global refugee problems. Its primary mission is to safeguard the rights of refugees as well as their wellbeing. The goal of the UNHCR is to make certain that everyone has the chance to request asylum to seek shelter in another country. The organization also provides an opportunity to be part of the community at large or relocate in third-country countries. Millions are being assisted by the UNHCR to re-start their lives.

A Short Summary

The US claim that its War on Terror will bring peace and security to Afghanistan. But, it is clear that the US is not right. It’s clear that the US is not concerned about the Afghan population’s wellbeing and has caused immense pain and suffering to Afghans.



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