Best Snacks For General Conference: Indulgent Treats To Help You Relax


General conference is a special moment for the church and Latter-day Saints will gather around the radio and television to watch the event. It’s like the Super Bowl of the spiritual world. It brings members of church closer towards God as well as Jesus Christ. As a church, we sometimes celebrate the general conference with a spiritual feast. Also, the general conference provides the perfect opportunity for an event of physical food.

Cinnamon roll

Each year, the apostles are served cinnamon rolls by the lady from Orem, Utah, who bakes them herself. The rolls are baked the night before rising for two hours before baking for between 15 and 18 minutes. The recipe is straightforward to prepare: mix 1 cup yeast with warm water, 1/4 C melted butter, and sugar. After that, you’ll add cinnamon and the other ingredients, like eggs. Then, you mix the batter with 2 cups of flour and 2 eggs.

If you are hosting a general conference, cinnamon rolls are a perfect snack. They are sweet and great to satisfy the craving. They’re simple to prepare with pantry and store-bought ingredients. Mix a tablespoon of the snacks to your listening sessions. After that, whenever the speaker speaks about a subject and mentions it in the talk. For instance, pretzels have a connection to the subject of Jesus Christ. You can sprinkle a handful of pretzels on your plate as you watch the speaker’s speech.

Pizza toppings

Latter-day Saints meet together at general conference to share the gospel. They are spiritual Super Bowls which bring the church closer to God as well as Jesus Christ. There are many methods to prepare easy and tasty snacks for general conference. The most effective method is using larger mixing bowl and stand mixer with a dough hook. This meal is prepared in a kitchen by hand.

It is also possible to make pizzas. There is a premade pizza dough at the local market If you do not possess the time or expertise to create it on your own. You can also substitute Rhode’s Rolls for pizza dough. The dough can be rolled out and put on toppings. Some common toppings are pizza sauce, Alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, black olives, mushrooms, diced ham, pepperoni, and bacon pieces. There are also ingredients that work well to those with specific diets.


All attendees of general conferences love waffles. They are easy to make and very suitable for food halls. It is possible to make them at a time and can buy frozen waffles. They can be stuffed with various toppings, such as Nutella as well as bananas. You can also serve them with ice cream or coffee.

Other options are available for snacks that are quick and simple. They are perfect for long days at conferences. If you’re getting ready for a full meeting, you need to prepare some snacks and snacks. These will let you unwind and relax.

Ants on a tree

Although ants on logs are a popular snack for children and adults, the adults love them too. A log of ants is a celery sticks filled with raisins, peanut butter along with peanut butter. If you’re not allergic to raisins or have a nut allergy it is possible to substitute dried cranberries in place of raisins.

You can include these tasty snacks into your Trim Healthy Mama menu plan. They are simple to make, contain low calories, and contain little proteins. They’re also a great means to keep the appetite at bay during a conference.



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