Britney Spears’ post fat-shaming another singer is mean-spirited and unkind.


Britney Spears Responds to Another Singer Upsetting Fans with a clarification.Britney Spears issued a clarification statement on Twitter after another singer upset fans with a derogatory tweet. Britney stated, “I am sorry if anyone was upset” in her clarification message. The people who were offended weren’t with my tweet. She claimed she wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. Nicki Minaj (the artist behind the track) was furious at Tyler’s tweet with a hateful message. Britney Spears decided herself to show her in support of Minaj’s decision. Britney Spears wrote: “I am sorry if anyone was offended. The people I spoke to were not offended by my tweet. She also said that she wanted to promote peace and harmony between the two groups.

Britney Spears clarifies her position on Twitter issue

Britney Spears cleared her Twitter profile on the 25th of July, after Demi Lovato irked fans with tweeting a sexist message. Lovato said Spears used her account to “promotion” of her own image. Lovato deleted the tweet a few hours later and apologized.

Britney performs, she has taken to Twitter in an effort to clarify her position.

“I am a fan of my music and am regretful that I’ve been perceived as not professional. Music is my love and I’ll continue to be a part of it the same manner as I’ve always done. Britney Spears clarifies her position in relation to her position on Twitter scandal. Britney responded to another singer who offended fans with a clarification. Britney Spears said she was steadfast in her tweets she made, and that she does not support the actions of the artist. Britney Spears further stated that she is adamant about her tweets and stated that she “does not support” the acts of another artist.


Britney Spears has clarified her position regarding a performer who offended her followers. Britney Spears has clarified her position on the Twitter controversyand stated that she wasn’t sorry for what she said. Britney Spears has clarified her position and apologized to her followers. It opens up further discussions regarding her authority over her social media postings.



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