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Santa Clara County Executive, made his announcement on his retirement ceremony on Thursday concluding an entire year of public service. Smith was appointed in the year 2000 and was a key figure in the county during multiple difficulties, such as recovering from the financial crises and enhancing the role of the county in providing services to a growing population, and defending hospitals facing crisis as a result of the COVID-pandemic. A statement issued by the county said that Santa Clara County said the actions Smith was able to accomplish in just a few decades “will bring benefits to residents as well as the employees over time.

“I am extremely confident in the team of county employees we’ve created and am extremely proud of our organization,” Smith said in the declaration. It has been an honor to serve the community alongside the county employees , who form what hold the society together. Smith was the executive who was the chief driver of the county’s rapid increase in county service demand. Smith was elected county executive in 2005 with a budget of $. billion. Today, it’s dollars.

In his role as the chief manager, responsible for workers in various county departments and services Smith transformed the culture of office towards cross-boundary and goal-driven workspaces. The strategy “translated in the form of the county becoming an industry leader in innovation and learning for employees, as well as in and delivery of services,” it said. Former county supervisor Ken Yeager praised Smith for looking to change the leadership of the county more reflective of the broader community and for employing diverse department heads and higher-ranking officials.

Santa Clara County saw significant improvements in the social sphere under Smith’s direction. Santa Clara was the first to be the first to incorporate an LGBTQ-focused office. It was in April that the Children’s Advocacy Center marked its first year of operation as an organization that is a national model for helping young abuse victims. During the COVIDthe pandemic of COVID, Smith used his special knowledge to guide the county. He earned his medical diploma from the University of Southern California’s School of Medicine and having worked as the chief medical officer of Contra Costa County Health Services.

It was a tough time and I’m grateful for Dr. Smith’s management. The knowledge and experience he has gained regarding public service and healthcare is invaluable. Susan Ellenberg, Supervisor said that Dr. Smith’s enthusiasm for public service, and the amazing work he has done for the community is apparent. We couldn’t agree more. In spite of the difficulties posed by the virus, Dr. Smith has been an outstanding leader.

Under Smith’s direction as county president, under his leadership, the American Care Act was implemented as well as investment in low-income housing expanded and “redevelopment agencies which had for years cut off funds needed for schooling and safety-net programs” were successfully disbanded. When in June The Mercury News revealed that Santa Clara County had given a high-priced government history book commission to the spouse of a former South Bay politician, Smith said it was “shocked” as well as “very anxious.

In summary

We thank you Doctor. Smith, for your direction during this time of need. Your experience and knowledge of the field of healthcare administration are invaluable. Supervisor Susan Ellenberg said, “Public service is obviously a deep call of Dr. Smith and his work in our community has been amazing.” It is my opinion that I cannot be more agree with. While the pandemic has presented lots of difficulties but Dr. Smith is an outstanding leader.



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