Children killed in Myanmar air attack were innocent civilians


It is a sad day to inform you that Mi-35 helicopters were attacked by helicopters in a village school situated in Let Yet Kone. The attack occurred while 20 volunteer teachers attempted to assist students in finding secure places to shelter inside classrooms that are on the floors. Two helicopters flying over the north of the village were firing weaponry, including machine guns, at the school. The school was hit with considerable destruction. Mar Mar, an administrator of the school Mar Mar is a part of, saw the assault. It is situated within the compound of in the Buddhist monastery. According Mar Mar, the victims of the attack were not just devastated, but so were the school’s volunteers.

1. Which helicopters were involved in the attack on the school?

It is reported that the Myanmar government killed more than a dozen children in the air. It is not sure what number of helicopters attacked the school, but it is certain that it was more than one. It occurred in Kachin State in Myitkyina. Kachin Independence Army Kachin Independence Army is a rebel organization that has been fighting the Myanmar government since 1961. The conflict has gotten more intense in recent years, causing hundreds of people to flee their homes.

2. Which type of weapon was being used at the shooting range in the school?

The Myanmar government has not yet verified the attack by air on schools in the country, witnesses claim that more than a dozen children have been killed. While it’s unclear the type of weapon utilized to strike the school, there is evidence that explosives and missiles were likely. This tragedy highlights the need for a thorough investigation into the matter in order to discover what really happened and who is responsible.

3. What number of students and teachers were at the school when the school was targeted?

It’s not clear how many students and teachers attended the school at the time of the incident. However, based on the number of children injured in the attack it’s estimated that at most 12 students and teachers there. Since the Myanmar government was not able to issue an official announcement regarding the incident, the precise amount of people killed is not known.

Quick Summary

The tragic events that has brought attention to the current conflict in Myanmar. It is crucial to keep in mind the innocent civilians trapped in the midst of this war, and the loss of any child is a tragedy. It is crucial that we insist on peaceful solutions for the war and to ensure that everyone respects the rights of civilians.



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