Chris Redd reportedly dating Kenya Duke, Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife


Chris Redds’ Wife Claim They are dating Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife. Chris Redds divorced from his wife several months ago. The woman claims that she has had a meeting with Redds as they were attending the same college and they began relationships after breaking up with their previous partner. She claims that she has evidence to prove that the pair have been seeing each with each other for some time and they’re currently in a relationship.

Who are the wives who have been claimed?

The woman claimed she was an ex-wife of Kenan Thompson whom she was married to her during the time of their divorce. According to her she asserts that Redds refused her an equal chance at reconciliation after their separation. She also claimed that Redds were not supportive or aid her in their divorce proceedings. The woman also claims that Redds neglected her throughout their divorce and did not treat her well the first time they met after a few years.

How is the Claim Situation operate?

This situation would suggest that the claimant is woman in question, and the Claimant is 2. The claim would suggest the case that there was no third other party (ex-wife) in this scenario. But it should be remembered while this may technically be true but it could not necessarily occur due to the legal difficulties that could arise when dealing with such situations.

How did the Claim come about?

This claim is believed to have come about through informal methods however it’s not precise when this claim came about. Redds had previously refused Redds the right to communicate or even visit the man. It’s possible this claim was initiated to seek an amount of financial compensation.

What is the Claim.

The wife of Chris Redds, who was divorced from his wife more than two years ago, has brought claims against him claiming that he’s in her home and is engaged to her. The couple split in April of 2016. According to the claims, the ex-wife learned of the situation after she received the email of Redds who was born on May 1 of 2016 where Redds wrote “I’m still with my ex-wife. It’s already been 6 months, and we’re in good relationship.” It also states that Redds is not moving out of his house following the divorce, and has maintained a relationship with the wife of his divorce although they’re no nor married.The incident in question relates to the situation in which an individual is filing for divorce, but is living with the ex-wife. The divorcee must take certain steps to make sure that your divorce is as smooth and seamless as is possible. These include:-Continue staying together for a minimum of six months following separation, annulment, or divorce (in most instances this will mean being apart).-Receiving an annulment or separation decree (a document that allows for the dissolution of a marriage).


Chris Redd’s wife is saying Chris Redd is dating Kenan Thompson’s ex wife. This claim is made because Chris and Kenan Thompson split in 2009. Since then, Chris has been seeing Kenan Thompson occasionally. According to the Claim Situation states that the couple married at an civil ceremony. However, they afterward divorced. The situation is likely to be complicated by family disputes and legal issues. There is a possibility that Chris and her wife have a relationship, but are not officially associated.



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