Creative Ways to Accessorize Locs Hairstyle for Different Occasions


The loc is an extremely desired hairstyle that a lot of people are drawn by. In this column that continues, Texture Talk, we will investigate the many aspects of curly hair, from unrestrained crowns of curls and sections of hair that remain safe thanks to secure styling. One of the most encouraging aspects of afro-textured hair is its flexibility. Locs, a type of hairstyling which involves various strands being intertwined to form permanent units and compacted together they are deeply connected to the African American identity and have lengthy roots. Locs can be a clear representation of our roots, from Africa to Asia and elsewhere.

The Americas are a constant home of the hairstyle amongst ethnic minorities from diverse regions throughout history, from ancient times to today. It wasn’t until the s However, it wasn’t until reggae singer Bob Marley achieved success and turned into a source for inspiration for many because of his connection to Rastafari, a Jamaican-born religious movement, that this style took root into Western cultural practices. Tyrone Edds has spoken about the close connection he has with his signature locs. The phrase “dreadlocks” that was popular for a time to describe this style, was deemed to be off-putting due to its associations.

The implementation of Eurocentric beauty standards and colonialism have had a negative result on hair that is naturally sexy. Protective styles are also often harshly judged. In the aftermath, there’s been a push to deflect the word “dread” in order to encourage more positive discourse on this subject. Many people choose locs because they hold religious or other convictions. But, many believe it is a mark of cultural pride or personal search for their ideal of beauty.

Since the age of a child, I’ve been admiring the look of dreadlocks. It’s likely due to the fact that my father has them from childhood. When I was 14, I decided to begin growing my own. After five years, I tried a variety of shades of dye, including the red, blue, blonde and green. Despite this, grey remains my preferred shade and reminds me of my wisdom. It is important to wash my clothes regularly for me to keep my beauty. Four of the most creative people shared their stories, and the adventures that they faced throughout their journey. Shaquone Blake, a model of Toronto and Toronto, also gave me some insight into the subject by stating that in her view, dreadlocks symbolize an element of power.

Throughout my entire life I’ve tried to blend into the world around me. But now, I’m trying to stand out. My signature style for the last three years was a locs-mullet, with bangs in the front and long locks at the back. The sides have been shaved. Hairstyles make me feel special, one-of-a-kind but most important true to myself. Initially, I tried to create a grey hue on my own However, after a while, I realized it was damaging to my hair. This is why I decided to have faux locs made professionally with the help of crochet. As an additional body the locs are braided by hand. Polish-made extensions made by hand are included.

Together with my brothers, I’ve also grown Locs. My aunt has Locs almost to her ankles. Mine were done on Trinidad and Tobago, from where my family’s roots are. It has been a few years since I started my journey to develop the locs. It is unfortunate that there is a negative stigma associated with locs due to the lack of knowledge as well as how people view the concept. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is if I cleanse my hair. There are many confusedly referring to the locs as braids or calling them as ‘dreadlocks’ , without being aware of the distinction.


My signature style has made me feel more confident in myself, so I’m happy with it. Instead of just being the hairstyle of my choice, my locks are a source of confidence , which allows my to show who I am with new and thrilling ways. My quest for self-love acceptance, and love are represented by my hairstyle and narrative.



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