Delicious Recipes to Serve at Your Afternoon on the Green Get-Together


It is the University of the Virgin Islands (UVIis pleased to be hosting its Annual Afternoon on the Green event taking place from noon to midnight on Sunday, March 13 at the Herman E. Moore Golf Course in St. Thomas. The theme of this year’s Afternoon on the Green is “A burst of Culture Fun & Food at Afternoon” and will offer an array of entertainment, activities, and other events. This highly sought-after event not only will be a great way to raise funds for scholarships to students and other scholarships, but it also gives participants with the chance to recognize local culture, dishes, and artistic talent.

Dr. Kyza A. Callwood, Ph.D., Chairman of the Event Planning Committee, remarked, “Let us strive to increase the standard each year”. We’re thrilled to be reconvening on the ground, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the event on Sunday. Cool Session Brass will be playing on the main stage. They’re well-known beloved by all audiences as well as a representative of Caribbean talents. Furthermore, Shaw HP, an famous Soca artist from Love City, St. John and St. John, will share the limelight. Other entertainments include dancers as well as schools from all walks of life. They will be in adults and young people. This program can be revised.

We’re excited to announce the events scheduled for this year’s Opening Ceremony. They’ll begin with a ceremony at p.m. and will be followed by remarks by UVI the President David Hall. There will be performances by the Ulla F. Muller Elementary school Phantastic Panthers Dance Team and Cheer Team will be dancing at 3:30 p.m.; St. John Dancers will perform at the time of 2:30 p.m.; Mungo Niles Cultural Dancers will show at 2:00 p.m. Shaw HP will present at 5:00 p.m.; UVI Royalty and other appearances are planned at 6:00 p.m. Cool Session brass will begin at 7 p.m.

The Reichhold Center, Happy Times Entertainment as well as the V.I. The Reichhold Center as well as the Happy Times Entertainment as well as the V.I. have all made huge efforts to ensure guests have fun by providing a variety of fun and entertainment options that can be tailored to their needs. The huge dominoes are available as well as mini-golf. There’s also paint-your-face, bounce house, yard games, carnival headpiece demonstrations led by Anthony Felix as well as Boy Scout tent building demonstrations. Also, the V.I. Children’s Museum is on hand to provide additional entertainment for children of all ages. Every year, there is a chance to exceed expectations and produce extraordinary activities.

Teens are able to see interactive demonstrations about their favorite University of the Virgin Islands academic programmes at the academic Tent. It will also feature experiments in science using bubbles. Food lovers should park their lawn chairs near the food tent for an array of delicious dishes that include pick-ups of saltfish and pumpkin fritters BBQ chicken and Salmon *****, stewed chicken, the kallaloo, as well as a wide range of side dishes including vegetarian and vegan choices. A second tent will be embellished with cakes, tarts sweet breads, sweets and many more confections created by the bakers at home and local chefs. In addition, you should not overlook the native drink table and the Chef’s Corner.

It is expected that the “Afternoon on the Green” event will feature cooking demonstrations that allow guests to taste different food items for $1 per flavor and cast votes for their favorites. Also, there’ll be a top prize for the overall vote-getter and first-place prizes in each of the categories: sides dishes, main dish seafood, vegetables as well as soups, dishes for sides cakes, breads and sweets drinks of the native, desserts in addition to prizes for top-three cooks in the following categories. A variety of additional prizes will be on offer, with all cooks receiving a reusable “Afternoon on the Green shopping bag. This year’s Edd Thomas Volunteer Scholarship will be backed by the proceeds. It is available only to Charlotte Amalie High School seniors and Ivanna high school seniors.

In Summary

The University of the Virgin Islands the Academic Tent & Food Tent have interactive educational exhibits as well as amazing Caribbean cuisine. Foodies should be sure to make room for the sweets offered in Chef’s Corner. This event offers all kinds of stewed meats, including indigenous rum drinks, which means that you’ll want to come back time and.



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