Exploring Chicago’s Fascinating Cultural Landmarks Through Vintage Tribune Articles


It is the case that Chicago should be pleased to be marking the day today as one of the most important. It is also the day that marks the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl XXX to the Chicago Bears. It also celebrates the th year of the “Blizzard” which brought record-breaking snowfalls to this prominent city. In the Vintage Chicago Tribune newsletter dedicated the previous issues to honor the historic moments. Marianne Mather, co-curator of the newsletter of the Vintage Chicago Tribune proposed a revolutionary concept when she suggested an exploration of wintertime outdoor activities that were that were enjoyed by generations of Chicagoans. Amazing photographs from the archives of the Tribune were discovered in this investigation.

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The curling sport, which first became popular in Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century saw the formation of Chicago Curling Club in the early 20th century, and is still in existence today. The caption was published alongside an image from Washington Park photo that illustrated the acclaim of curling. The caption read “The man in the broom is the most important element of curling.” He is responsible for clearing every second obstruction that blocks the way of the stone so that it nestles in one of the scoring areas.” Also the children can be seen skating on the South Pond.

The start of the Chicago Park District’s ice skating season was celebrated right from the beginning. Winter activities like skating on lagoons and ponds or formal ice skating rinks as well as skiing, were adored by residents. In February , an especially momentous occasion was commemorated when the first ever Chicago Ski Tournament was held at Soldier’s Field. Eugene Wilson, a -year aged road worker with no job in Minnesota was awarded the win with his impressive -foot jump that marked the revival of the ski jump competitions and the culture of skiing in the Midwest in the early s and s. To view photos of this remarkable event, follow the hyperlink provided.

The Men’s Two Mile Silver Skates Title Race at Garfield Park came to an conclusion on the 1st of January with the four top skaters participating, James De Swarte (pictured in the attached photograph), Bill Carnduff (pictured below), Al Perry (pictured above) and Chuck Edwards (pictured below). While they were at the top of the field they were not qualified for the race. Wisconsin’s Del Lamb won the event with an easy win. He was promoted to the ranks during the race. This competition was an international one which was held in Chicago was a huge success and brought a lot of attention to the yet-to-be-established discipline of speedskating. The very first World Championship in the sport was published in The Tribune.

The Silver Skates Derbies, a race sponsored by Tribune, rapidly became popular after they initially attracted large crowds in Chicago to race local events in the early years . It is reported that approximately , people were present at the time of Arthur Staff’s triumph during the opening Silver Skates tournament held at the Humboldt Park Lagoon in January . The tournament was expanded further by adding a boys division in the following years, and later welcoming women as well as girls into . This competition has endured over decades, and is continuing to run today. further details can be seen through more photos. An excellent example of its perseverance is evident in Olympic gold medalist Cammi Granato’s appearance at Highland Elementary School in Downers Grove in February .

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The Garfield Park speedkating competition of 1922 marked an important moment within the development of this sport. It was a huge success and gained global fame and recognition. The competition was intense and Del Lamb, Milwaukee’s winner, won easily. It also left a lasting impact on speedskating the culture of Chicago and many skate organizations and clubs formed shortly after the event, further popularizing the sport in the city. It is still remembered fondly by many speedskaters for being one of the greatest races that have ever happened in.



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