Fiji Methodist Church funds being used inappropriately, says report


Fijis Methodists confront a troubling trend in misusing funds. They are purchasing items aren’t required to buy purchase, and some are spending church money on goods they don’t use or need. Fijis Methodists are facing a serious problem. The result could create problems with finances in the future. It is crucial to be cognizant of this and act to stop this in the future from happening.Fijis Methodists are facing a worrying trend in the misuse of funds.Fijis Methodists are regularly misuse of their money. Fijis Methodists have been stealing money from the year 2017 and it was a troubling trend. As per the latest data of the Fijis Church’s financial report There were instances which involved misusing funds that totaled $2.5 million. It is alarming that shows how easy it is to Methodists to lose money.

Misuse can occur through a variety of methods:

-Fijis Methodists may use their funds to purchase items or services they not need.-They could spend their funds for unnecessary items or indulgences instead of investing in themselves and their church.-They could not utilize the money in a wise way and instead put it in investments or savings which can help them develop and contribute to the community.-They may borrow money from family or friends without making a request first.-And in the end, they could fail to keep up with their financial obligations. This may lead to another instance that is misused in the future.

What Causes Misuse of Funds

It is often due to factors like laziness, greed, or spending excessively on frivolous or unnecessary activities. There are many reasons that money can be misused.

They could borrow money, without making sure that the security is in place

They might forget to pay some of their costs and end up with a huge balance at the end.

What can you do to prevent wasting money

You can help stop the abuse of your cash through these actions:

You should be more cautious with your money

Be sure to track your spending and pay off all outstanding debts as quickly as is possible.

Avoid taking rash decisions about money

Tips to avoid wasting Funds.

Make sure you are aware of your investment choices and the steps you are taking. For example, never invest into stocks you do not comprehend or are of a low value . This could cause massive loss. Always keep a secure place for your money – save it in a cashier’s cabinet or in a secure deposit box, or in your home in the case emergencies arise.

Place Your Money in a Safe Place

Make sure your cash is secure by storing it in a safe place so that it’s not likely to be accessed by unauthorised individuals. It is possible to store your cash such as in an encrypted bank vault or crypto wallet. Do not leave cash out on the streets or inside ATM machines.

Do Not Leave Your Money to be left unsupervised

Be sure to keep your funds in the hands of an uninitiated person if you’re not certain who will be the person responsible after your death or do not know for sure how long the funds will remain. instead of placing all your eggs in one basket, you should invest all of your funds separately into separate accounts, and allow plenty of time to get in touch with each one in case there are any concerns regarding its value or status.

Don’t Store Your Funds in a risky place

It is possible to stop money from being mishandled using these guidelines: You should have written procedures as well as policies to stop funds that are not authorized from being utilized. Be sure that your financial records are precise, and you keep track of all the money that is intended for travel. Do not allow anyone else to take the money you have given them without your approval. This could result in costly legal problems later on.

Be sure to keep your records accurate

Be sure to keep track of all transactions as well as receipts that are related to your travel budget stored in a safe place to make it easy for you to detect any fraud or misuse. This information can also be input into accounting software such as Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks to easily check for irregularities and discrepancies.

Do not allow others to use your Cash

Never give someone access to your money for travel without first obtaining permission from you . This may result in costly legal problems down the road if someone unauthorized uses them while on vacation.


Fijis Methodists have been facing concerns about the mismanagement of their funds. It is important to be cautious about your investments and to never let your funds to go unsupervised. You can also avoid financial fraud through correct written guidelines and processes as well as keeping records that are accurate as well as ensuring that anyone else do not have access to your money. These guidelines will allow you to stay clear of financial difficulties.



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