Flash floods and mudslides wreak havoc in central Italy.


It’s shocking and devastating to discover that at most 10 people perished in the storms that destroyed central Italy. There are four more currently missing. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have suffered loss of life, as well with all those who are in the midst of this tragedy. It’s truly devastating to see such devastation due to these hurricanes and it is a stark reminder of the importance to take action against climate change. Since elections are right ahead of us, I hope that this issue gets all the attention it merits and that we can start making real progress on tackling the global issue.

A Short Summary

The death toll from storms that have swept across central Italy has reached minimum 10 as of now, and there are four more in the dark. Extreme weather has put the issue of climate change into the limelight just days before Italians go to the polls in a highly competitive general election. While the country is still suffering following a number of natural catastrophes over the last year The issue of how to protect Italians from the negative effects of climate change is expected to be a key issue when it comes to the presidential campaign.



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