From humble beginnings to a powerhouse brand: the story of SOMOS


What is SOMOS.

SOMOS which is a non-profit private company, gives Mexicans access to high-end soccer matches. The organization has designed and operates the first ever world-wide soccer tournament, with top international teams across the globe.

What’s the Business Doing in conjunction with SOMOS

The company intends to utilize SOMOS to serve as an online platform to facilitate the connection of Mexican citizens to opportunities across North America and abroad. In addition, the company is planning to make use of SOMOS to increase awareness of Mexican interest and culture across North America and abroad.

What’s the purpose of SOMOS.

SOMOS’s worth of value is $2.4 Billion. Hector Jose Alvarez (entrepreneur) along with Margarita Fernandez (wife), founded SOMOS in the year 2014. Their goal was to aid small-scale Mexican companies to grow. There are dispensaries that are located in 31 cities within Mexico. The year 2020 is when they intend to launch 1000 dispensaries across the nation. That will bring the total number of dispensaries at 10,000. SOMOS also offers a mobile application that allows clients to locate their dispensary location from any iPhone and Android device.The firm’s main focus is the provision of dispensary permits, as well as selling and marketing its products to pharmacies and other health professionals throughout Mexico. SOMOS has plans to expand into fragrance production and landscaping. In order to capitalize on the opportunity available, the company has invested in an R&D center to create new cannabis-based products.How do you decide whether to invest in SOMOS? What should you invest in SOMOS?

There are many ways you can invest in SOMOS:

A) Stock purchase: Somos The price of shares is $2.40/share and is available for purchase through their website www.somosllc. Visit the site and enter the price you prefer to purchase at the moment, which is $2.40. After you click “buy,” input your purchase amount (in Mexican Pesos), click “confirm,” and then click “submit.” After clicking on “buy” input the investment amount that you made in Mexican Pesos. Then click “confirm” after which click the submit button. “B) Hold onto shares: If you decide to save your shares, keep an eye on the company’s financial statements since they could change from month to month due to fluctuations in sales or other operations in Somos Holdings Incorporated (SOMOS). Additionally, it might be prudent not to put over 50% of your portfolio in shares of Somos since its price could go down if profits decline at any time during the course of the year.) Put money into investments outside of Mexico Opportunities are that are available for investors who want exposure to the most ingenuous companies of Latin America without havingto leave their home country. Grupo Financiero Banco de Mexico which is one of the Mexican bank that direct invests in Mexican companies (GFB) can be an option. Rede Real Estate S.A (RRE) also offers Brazilian real property.

What are the best ways to invest into SOMOS and what’s the worth of your business?

SOMOS’s ability to supply dispensaries across Mexico with GrowOp licenses, permits and other products is what makes it significant. The company’s main focus is concentrated on the sale of dispensary permits as well as marketing and selling cannabis-related products to pharmacies in Mexico and other specialists in Mexico, it also plans to expand its business to include areas such as fragrance manufacturing and landscaping. To take advantage of this opportunity, the company made a major investment in an R&D center that will develop marijuana-based products that are new.

How can SOMOS investing help you?

Investing in SOMOS can provide a number of benefits, including:-Increasing liquidity and reducing the risk of missed opportunities.-Providing access to new and innovative technology that can help you make better investments.-Creating an increased sense of security for your assets thanks to the blockchain technology used in SOMOS.

What can SOMOS do for you?

Possessing SOMOS can also provide several benefits including:- increasing stability and value due to shared risk and ownership among investors.Increased efficiency and cost reduction due to allocation of funds among investors.


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