Get into the holiday spirit with Modista’s Festive Sparkle exhibition in Dubai!


Dubai is set to be the site of Modistas’ Christmas Sparkle exhibition! We’re excited to bring our sparkling collections to Dubai in the coming year. Its stunning exhibits of art and fashion and accessories the show will surprise and delight you. Visit us and take a look at everything we have in store for our guests. We’re excited to get to know you!

Dubai is the venue for the Modistas Christmas Sparkle Exhibit

Modistas’ Christmas Sparkle Show scheduled to premiere in Dubai in the coming months, is sure to make Christmas even more enjoyable and sparkling. To get previews of the show, visit The latest information on the exhibition at There is a wealth of information regarding the traditional Arab tradition, history as well as a range of interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn about various aspects of the ancient world. It is not a bad idea to take an opportunity to go to this museum. Ibn Battuta Museum Dubai. It’s a treasure trove of artwork and art. It is definitely worthwhile, regardless of whether you’re planning to visit the exhibitions or just soak up the spirit of Christmas. There’s plenty of activities to enjoy during the exhibition, such as strolling around the streets of Dubai and going to the Art Gallery as well as shopping at the local market. It’s a great time to hang out playing games with your friends. There’s a broad variety of things will keep your visit enjoyable. Gallery also provides details on the upcoming shows and other events. So make sure you be on the lookout for more information about Modista’s Sparkle exhibition in Dubai. There are educational materials as well as talks on a range of topics at Modista’s Festival. This year’s festival will include lectures of renowned artists and fashion shows with top fashion designers. If you’re interested in learning more aboutmodistaFestIVDubai2019, head over to our website or contact us for further information!Tips for Enjoying the modistas festive Sparkle exhibition in Dubai.The modistas festive Sparkle exhibition in Dubai is a great way to enjoy the holiday season. These suggestions will allow you to have fun throughout the throughout the year.

Dubai Modistas is presenting the holiday Sparkle exhibition

Modistas’ Christmas Sparkle Show located in Dubai is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the holiday season. This article will help allow you to enjoy enjoyment at the modistas holiday Sparkle show , without stressing. This article provides details and insight that will assist you in having a more enjoyable time at the show. These suggestions will assist you to make a spectacular show of artwork that is sure to impress your guests throughout the year.


Modistas are celebrating their festive Sparkle exhibition opens in Dubai. It’s a must-see for anyone who wants to experience this year’s stunning and unique objects. Join in the festivities and take in the music and images. Enjoy the stunning designs and take in the spectacle!



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