Get your students engaged and excited about spelling with fun and easy games!


How is the power of words so attractive to us? In the month of January, nearly million users signed up to use Wordle every day. This indicates not only our enjoyment of playing with words but our fascination with watching others engage in the same way. In actual fact , more people tweeted about this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee than tweeting about Game of Thrones or The Bachelorette! Our students love spelling and the word “spell” just as much if perhaps more than we.

Spell-a-thon! Get your students jumpin’ for joy with this active spelling game. Print it out and laminate the colored sheets with the letter of the alphabet, on each page. The letters can be chosen of your spelling term for the week, vocabulary words for your lesson or other words that you’re currently teaching. Place them in a circular arrangement . One person should be in the center. Next, let students stand in different positions around the center in the center of the circle. As soon as it’s students turn, they are required to pull a letter from their bag. If they can spell it correctly, they’ll get to save the letters.

Sign up your school now for The Scripps National Spelling Bee! It’s easy to enroll. Scripps National Spelling Bee website simplifies the process of enrolling and provides instructions on the Enroll Today page. Students will have fun finding the right alphabets to spell the words. An unintentional bee in your classroom can be tons of fun. Scripps National Spelling Bee has great resources ready to help you out.

We are glad to be here. Our team has put together an excellent video that walks you through the essentials you’ll need for getting started. To help you with your spelling we’ve made fun and simple games. We thank you for choosing us and are hoping that this program will be enjoyable for you.

Make use of Wordle to play a fast and fun spelling game. It is the Scripps National Spelling Bee website gives students resources to get ready for the competition. There are videos to view and PDF documents that can assist in deciding whether your school would be a host for your bee. You can also find instructions for how to hold your bee on the internet or at a location.

Teachers who join this Scripps Spelling Bee program will be able to access all the materials and resources necessary for literacy education regardless of whether or not a class participates in a real spelling bee. It includes word lists along with competitions lists, step-by step directions on how to keep small bees in your own classroom or school-wide bees, and many more. Begin to create excitement in the students in your class to get going. That’s what makes it fun! Although the contest itself may be a conversation for some of our students, there’s a myriad of methods to get your students excited for your forthcoming spelling bee. They are the thing that makes people’s lives more fun.

Learning Outcome

Wordle can be used Wordle to create a quick and easy spelling game to play with your pupils. Wordle allows users to type in words as well as Wordle generates a word clouds that your students can use. Scripps National Spelling Bee provides materials for your students to help prepare for the contest with videos, as well as PDF files to help you decide whether your school will be hosting the event. Also, instructions on how to hold your bee , either on the spot or online.



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