Houston Dynamo edge LAFC 2-1 on Dorsey’s late strike


Dynamo Bring Home the Cup.

Houston Dynamo defeated LAFC 3-1 to win their first trophy. Houston achieved the league’s third championship and their first trophy since 2007. The semifinal match was played in which Houston took on Seattle Sounders FC. Houston prevailed in the semifinals by a score of 2-1, but ended up winning 4-3 overall. The final score was a pair of goals scored by Brazilian forward David Silva and Englishman Andre Smith provided Houston an early lead however substitute Mauro Diaz equalized for LAFC just after halftime. At the 93rd second minute, Silva took advantage of a penalty kick for a Houston the win 3-2 and their third MLS Cup title in as numerous years.In terms of scoring ability the two players David Silva andAndre Smith had spectacular seasons for Houston Dynamo. David Silva scored 36 goals across all competitions with the Dynamo that was good enough for 5th in the league and Andre Smith netted 24 times across all competitions of LAFC which is good for ninth in the league.On the 10th of November, 2017 The Houston Dynamo won their first ever MLS Cup title by defeating LAFC by 2-1 in an exciting shootout match. The U.S. Soccer Federation presented the Dynamo’s inaugural winning MLS Cup trophy with Sunil Gulati, who also presented it to the team’s coaching staff as well as their players.

What happened? LAFC Lost the Cup

LAFC Los Angeles FC MLS Cup championship match against Houston Dynamo on November 10th on the 10th November 2017 in a shootout following a scoreless tie. The reason for the loss was several missed opportunities by both teams , as well as bad performance from both teams throughout the match.

Tips for Successfully Winning the Cup.

The long-term approach is the key in success in championships. You can reduce risks and boost your chances to win by having plans. It is essential to understand the goals you want to achieve, and how you intend to accomplish it, and how much money you will need. Avoid doing anything that could put you in danger, like making investments in teams that aren’t yours or trying too hard in order to win. It is better to focus on building strength and stability within your own team, so it can remain within MLS for a long time. Diversifying your investments is also an important aspect of a longer-term plan. If you are looking to sponsor your team be sure to consider whether you can expect the money back soon – this will help avoid any surprises down the line. In addition, keep track of financial news so that you know what steps are necessary to maintain your investment and ensure that you don’t lose out on any potential opportunities.Finally, remember that volatility is always present in sport – be prepared for it by studying financial articles and keeping tabs on league events throughout the year so that you don’t end up with unfulfilled dreams or empty pockets after the cup is won!


Dynamo have taken home the cup in a spirited win against LAFC. By having a long-term strategy and diversifying your investments, you will be well-positioned for any future challenge. Keep up to date with current financial news and always be ready for any volatility. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself!



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