The 20th of September, on the 20th of September On the 20th of September the International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced that they have reversed the “obstructionruling which led to Harmanpreet Kaur’s dismissal during the Women’s World T20 match against England. In the aftermath of Ruchira Palliyaguruge who was the umpire in the Women’s World Twenty match against England declared Kaur to be “obstructing field” even though she was in between wickets along with Natalie Sciver from England, the controversy erupted. Kaur was given out in the end and India was eventually defeated with nine wickets. “After an investigation and a decision, the ICC has decided to reverse the decision with immediate impact,” ICC said in an announcement.

1. Did you notice a certain development that has made Kaur such a popular choice?

The Delhi High Court has recently restrained the publication of a novel written by the former Hockey India coach, Marijne Kaur. This follows an appeal filed by Kaur, who claimed that the book was defamatory and contained derogatory statements on her. Kaur filed an appeal against the High Court, claiming that the book contained defamatory material about the woman. In the appeal, the High Court asked for Kaur to reply and set an date for hearing this case in a second time. Kaur earlier approved the publication of the book. This sudden development has been a bit surprising. The reasons behind her decision to change people’s opinions aren’t clear. But it’s clear that she is of the opinion that her book may contain details that may damage her credibility. In the coming days, the High Court will decide whether to release the book.

2. What was the single bench ruling that Kaur was able to challenge?

The latest news about Delhi HC restraining publication of the former coach of Hockey India, Marijne, mentions a specific bench order that Kaur was able to challenge. In February of 2020, the court issued an order which prohibited Marijne from publishing her book until the next hearing. Kaur protested against the decision on the grounds that the order violated her right of freedom of speech and caused her unnecessary hardship.

3. What did you think from Kaur’s test?

The Delhi High Court has issued an order to block the publication of a memoir by the former Hockey India coach Marijne Sjoerdstric following a dispute between her current coach Sjoerd Marijne and her player Rani Rampal challenged its contents. On June 25, the booktitled “Behind the scenes: India’s struggle to achieve the title of the best in hockey in the world’ was to be published. In the meantime, Marijne as well as Rampal filed a civil suit at the hands of the book’s publisher claiming that the book has negative content about the two. Rampal claimed in her petition that the book had “false and malicious” negative content about her. That has led to her being afflicted with “mental emotional traumas and suffering.”

4. What was Marijne’s accusation of SAI?

Marijne was the coach who was fired from Hockey India. She claimed that she had not been paid through the Sports Authority of India for the work she performed. A judge in the Delhi High Court has now restrained the publication of her work, which is scheduled for release soon. Marijne had alleged that the SAI had not paid her dues due her for her work. The issue was linked to the April 2019 end date for her SAI contract. Marijne took to social media to voice her frustrations. She also written a letter to the Prime Minister, requesting an apology.

A Brief Summary

Sjoerd Marijne and HarperCollins Publishers India Private Limited have been prohibited from publishing content relating to the condition of the player Gurjit Kaur , who is due to release a book.



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