How Naughty Dog cleverly snuck a The Office reference into The Last of Us: Part I


Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part I contains a range of allusions to The Office which is a well-loved American TV show. Joel is seen entering an abandoned building in the first scene. It is among the most memorable scenes. It’s a striking resemblance to the scene from The Office, where Dwight Schrute was in a building that had been abandoned. Both depict characters looking for something. Each time the characters, however, discover the thing they’re looking for. Their interactions with workplace objects are another thing that is common in these two scenes. The Office often shows the people having fun playing using office equipment.

1. The writer wrote a book of short stories on heartbreak.

Naughty dog who created The Last of Us series are famous for their clever Easter eggs and reference to pop media. The series also includes a reference to the first episode of The Office. Ellie is seen in the episode in the scene reading “The The History of Whisky” as well as expressing her opinion on the “heartbreaker” writer. Johnnie Walker is the name of a whisky brand. It’s likely that this is the source of the mention. Naughty Dog included a reference to The Office because it is an extremely popular TV show that has an enormous fan base.

2. Does it have any meaning to the name “The The Last of Us?””

Naughty dog seems to have been making a reference to The Office in The Last of Us Part I 2. The title of the episode, “The Last of Us” is a reference to the television series. What’s the significance? Naughty Dog created the game The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic video game released through Sony Computer Entertainment. The game was released for the first time for the PlayStation 3 in June 2013. The Last of Us is the tale about Joel as well as Ellie. They’re survivors of a deadly disease that is destroying millions and transformed many to zombies.

3. What characters in the story suffer from heartbreak in various ways?

The Last of Us Part I and Part 3 are heartbreaking in many different ways. In The Last of Us Part I we see Joel’s grief. Joel is a man who has been through a lot and struggles to deal with the loss of his daughter, is Joel. This struggle is evident through his interactions with other characters as well as in the way Joel handles his feelings. The Last of Us: Part 3 depicts Ellie’s grief when she is forced to face her loss Joel.

4. What’s the most effective way to let the writer explore the subject of heartbreak in his writing?

The most recent episode of Naughty dog is an allusion in The Office In The Last of Us Part I 4. What’s the author’s perspective to themes like loss and heartbreak in his tales? The Last of Us Part I Part 4 examines Naughty Dog’s reference to the office in order for a look at the subject of heartbreak. The article investigates the way Naughty Dog made the reference as well as its connection to heartbreak. The author also examines how the reference affects the characters and story.

A Short Summary

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