How South Norwalk Restaurant Won the National ‘Best Traditional Hot Wing’ Award


A South Norwalk restaurant was awarded the National “Best Traditional Hot Wing” Award. In the end, they beat out Buffalo Anchor Bar from Laramie (Wyoming), the Blind Rhino of Norwalk won the award. While the blind rhino is no stranger to receiving the prizes, this competition was their first.

Appetit Bistro

The South Norwalk restaurant has won an award from the National Association for famous hot wings. They’re known for their hot wings, grilled and wings dishes as well as a selection of craft beers. It’s located inside the Ironworks in the former Harlan Publick place. In August, the owner also opened a new location within Downtown New Haven. The restaurant is extremely popular with both locals and tourists.

The Blind Rhino, which has locations in Bridgeport and South Norwalk, has won numerous awards for its wings. This year, they won the “Best traditional hot wing’ title in the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York. They took home the top prize beating out restaurants that came from New York, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

The Blind Rhino

A South Norwalk restaurant has taken the “Best Traditional Hot Wing’ accolade in the National Buffalo Wing Festival. It’s the second year running it was the Blind Rhino won this award and its location in South Norwalk, Black Rock and Black Rock. The restaurant was the only Connecticut restaurant to receive the distinction in this area. In this category, the Blind Rhino beat out Buffalo Anchor Bar and Weitzels Wings/Double Dubs from Laramie, Wyoming, and the Archer’s Tavern in Ohio.

In the South Norwalk’s famous South Norwalk sports bar, The Blind Rhino will be celebrating the sixth anniversary of its establishment in October. The owners have many exciting things to come up with. Craig Dohme, owner of the business , told us that they have many exciting things in store.

El Segundo

An El Segundo South Norwalk restaurant named Blind Rhino is the proud winner of a national award to its delicious wings. Blind Rhino won 18 awards on their wings. Now, they’ll be heading to Buffalo, New York to take part in the National Buffalo Wing Festival. This is one of the most popular wing festivals all over the country, which brings together people who love food from across the country. Contests for eating mullets are held as well as contests for wing-bobbing.

The South Norwalk restaurant serves hot wings as well as trendy street food. Some of the food options include Japanese pancakes with scallion, Australian lamb chops, and Italian Arancini. The customers can also drink of all countries, such as Mexican Coke or Peruvian Cristal beer.

Weitzels Wings

The South Norwalk restaurant recently took home the national “Best traditional Hot Wing’ accolade. This competition saw it take on other establishments all across the United States. The Buffalo’s wings beat out Buffalo’s Anchor Bar, Wetzel Wings/Double Dubs in Laramie (Wyoming), and Archer’s Tavern located which is located in Columbus, Ohio.

The eatery has been awarded more than 25 accolades for its wings. It opened its flagship location in South Norwalk in 2015 and will soon open the Black Rock location. In addition to its flagship branch, Blind Rhino also has one of the best food trucks.

Archer’s Tavern

This is one of the Best Traditional Hot Wings are not only made in the kitchens of New York restaurants, but they are also served on the streets of Fairfield County, Connecticut. There is a Blind Rhino of South Norwalk, Connecticut, has won more than 25 awards since opening in the year 2015. It is also an institution within the Black Rock area, with plans to open a second restaurant in the year 2019. The restaurant’s contests to eat wings as well as contests for mullets are among the many highlights of the festival.

Blind Rhino is a Bridgeport-based sports bar that has been voted the best traditional hot wings at the National Buffalo Wing Festival. Live music played as part of the competition, as well being a wing-eating contest and the bobbing of wings. The judges evaluated the restaurant’s winners’ wings to those served at Weitzel’s Wingsin Laramie in Wyoming.



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