How To Maximize Your Winnings With Matthew Berry’s Best Bets For Washington Commanders Vs Lions DFS


Curtis Samuel is a great fantasy wide receiver to have within your roster. Samuel has speed and versatility and is a player to be considered at minimum 65% of Yahoo leagues. Tonyan is another option however he’s not available at more than 65% Yahoo leagues. Samuel is also making good advancement. Treylon Burks and Kyle Phillips are both improving.

Matthew Berry’s tips for a lineup in fantasy football

Matthew Berry is the senior fantasy football analyst for ESPN He is now one of the most prominent personalities in the field. He hosts a gameday show on ESPN2 and has an audio show called The Fantasy Show. He also has over a million followers on Twitter. Before becoming a part of ESPN the writer was a restless screenwriter.

One of the running backs who are available to fantasy managers is Brian Robinson Jr. and Antonio Gibson. Each of these players is an effective player who could contribute to a winning soccer team in fantasy. While both players are able to win an event, they cause a lot of stress to fantasy managers.

Jamaal Charles’ 59.5-point performance against the Raiders

Jamaal Charles his dream score at 59.5 points against the Raiders was one of the greatest performances of the running back position for numerous years. Charles is a Top 10 back for the last three seasons and is a top-15 player overall. He was extremely successful in 2013 and managed to secure a win against Oakland. Jamaal scored five touchdowns, which included a 71-yard catch from Alex Smith.

Charles played the role of the Raiders sole offensive threat on the ground. Smith continued throwing at Charles in the game of passing. Charles was the franchise’s first player to have five touchdowns. Charles became the city’s first-ever player to achieve five touchdowns during a game. The feat has not been likely to be achieved since Abner Haynes during the 1960s.

RG3’s defense

Although it’s obvious that RG3 could be an excellent running back, he’s an extremely risky choice for fantasy. However, Matthew Berry is here to aid. The WR2 will see more than 10 targets when he plays Washington and should be an excellent fantasy player.

As of 2012 Robert Griffin III played one of the most memorable games of the Washington Redskins. The first time he played in the league, the Redskins defeated the Saints at the Superdome. He was 19-26 with three hundred yards in passing yards, two touchdowns and rushed for another 42 rushing yards on nine plays. Washington’s performance was an eloquent start to a memorable season.

Antonio Gibson

Antonio Gibson has a high volume floor , and is projected as an RB2 with a back end. He’s scored 21 touchdowns and 23721 yards over the course of 30 games. Gibson is the most effective back in Matt Berry’s Washington Commanders vs. Lions DFS lineup. In leagues where points are awarded per reception, Gibson is a great second round selection. Gibson also has a high floor as an offensive receiver.

The most feared running back of all time, Antonio Gibson, finished Week 1 with 14 runs for the requisite 58 yards. The average was 4.14 yards per carry. He also caught seven passes, totalling 72 yards. He’s a good option in the second half.


Since the beginning of January this year, the Washington Commanders have been impressed by Carson Wentz. Joe Gibbs, a Washington legend had a meeting with Wentz at Charlotte and told him his story of how reached out to quarterbacks during the season of 2004. Wentz obviously is currently the starter.

Carson Wentz is a former one-rounder of the Philadelphia Eagles, who went on to lead them to a Super Bowl title. He then demanded a trading. Wentz’s Jekyll and Hyde routine continues with Washington. Though he’s shown to be a fantastic player, he’s also been known to flip the ball over quite number of times.



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