How Transparency Can Help Curb Violent Instability Caused by Corruption


Israel is often mentioned as a case study for the fight against corruption. Transparency International released the most recent version of their Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI 2022) and Israel was ranked as 16th in the world. Its score is up significantly from 2017’s 24th. The recent improvement in Israel’s score is due to the independent conduct of the previous government and the judiciary according to Nili Arad, who is the chairman of Transparency International Israel. The government implemented a variety of measures to eradicate corruption from the public sector. They also ensured that officials were held accountable for their actions until 2022.

1. What is the secret to Israel’s improvements on its Corruption Perceptions Index score?

Israel’s recent efforts to combat corruption have been remarkable. They have also improved it’s Corruption Perceptions Index score (CPI) during the last several years. The nation has taken numerous measures to enhance its standing and increase perceptions of transparency and accountability. The year 2013 was the year that the Knesset made a law, which was a law that established an independent police group to examine accusations of corruption in the public sector. This unit was granted by the Knesset expanded powers to investigate and prosecute public corruption cases. There were strict rules for reporting and an oversight board. In order to monitor and investigate any accusations of corruption in the public domain, the government also established numerous anti-corruption bodies, like those of the Israel Anti-Corruption Authority (IACA) as well as the State Comptroller.

2. Why have 95% of countries made little to no progress in fighting corruption since 2017?

The Global report highlights a direct relationship between violent crime and corruption This is very alarming. It is alarming to see that 95% of countries haven’t seen any improvement in the fight against corruption in the last year. This lack of progress but, it’s not due to an absence of efforts. While governments, business, and civil societies have worked hard to fight corruption, it isn’t easy. There are many factors that contribute to the widespread corruption problem, such as weak institutions, poor enforcement of laws, a lack of transparency and accountability, and the absence of the political will. In many cases, corruption is deeply an integral part of the culture. The people who are in positions of influence benefit from this status of the game.

3. What measures can be taken to improve the fight against corruption in the world?

It is vital to consider the Global Report’s relationship with corruption and violence while speaking about corruption in the world. There is no doubt that corruption plays a significant factor in the prevalence of violence and the destabilization of nations around the world. There are a variety of steps that should be undertaken to improve improvements in this area. To ensure progress within this space, there are a variety of actions. In the first place, the government should make sure that corruption laws are enforced with a strict adherence and the corrupt are penalized and held responsible. Officials in the public sector should be accountable for more transparency, and citizens must be educated about the dangers of corruption, and how to report corruption.

4. How crucial was the autonomy of the judiciary as well as the government prior to the improvement of Israel’s system?

The integrity of the Israeli judiciary as well as previous administration has played a crucial part in the improvement of Israel’s performance as reflected in Global Report Highlights the Link Between Violence and Corruption. The former government as well as the judiciary created an environment of good governance, which is free of corruption and violence by making every effort to preserve the integrity of the judiciary and government. This country has experienced greater economic and social development in the wake of. This is because the government and judiciary are much more effective and productive. Also, the independence of the former government as well as the judiciary have helped build confidence among citizens in the state and its institutions. This is decreasing the possibility of violent and corrupt practices in the country.

A Quick Summary

Israel’s steady progress on the international stage is further evidence that democracy and an independent judiciary can be achieved. We hope that other nations will notice Israel’s achievements and make efforts to improve their position. Despite Israel still having much work to accomplish, it’s an positive indication that its citizens are already reaping the rewards of a transparent and accountable government. Israel is sure to continue its global success because of this renewed energy.



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