How Wunderman Thompson Bengaluru’s new festive campaign for Lifestyle will get you in the groove


Wunderman Thompson is releasing their latest holiday-themed campaign in the spirit of the holiday season! They’ve taken every step to assist you in getting into the festive spirit this time of year. From elegant packaging to engaging style, they’ve got it all needed to help get your Christmas looking amazing. So what are you waiting for? Check out their site and follow their example!

Wunderman Thompson’s Christmas Campaign.

Wunderman Thompson’s festive campaign promotes a “groovy lifestyle”. The company has decided to shift its focus towards festive cheer and fun. The campaign is comprised of print and online ads, as well as social media posts , and an audio call-outin which users can jam to the most loved songs of the brand.

How Does this Wunderman Thompson Thompson Christmas Campaign work?

The Wunderman Thompson Christmas campaign runs between December 15th and January 6th. Anyone who purchases products at Wunderman Thompson between December 15th and January 6th will receive an unbeatable CD for each purchase. The CD contains a few holiday songs as well as behind the scenes video footage from the company’s Winter production line. Customers who purchase any Wunderman Thompson products during the promotion period get an additional $5 off.

2) To promote a Groovy Lifestyle

2.) In order to encourage a more groovy Lifestyle . The objective of this campaign is to help people change their perception of what it is to be fashionable. This is why the advertising strategy must be targeted at people looking to have a more elegant life. The marketing strategy should be tailored specifically towards each goal in order to attain the intended results.

How to Enjoy Christmas with Wunderman Thompson Christmas Campaign.

Begin by following the guidelines in the Christmas campaign as well as enjoying the design of Wunderman Thompson. For the latest information on the latest news and campaigns you can follow us on Twitter @wundermannThompson! the festive season with Wunderman Thompson by shopping for Christmas gifts and getting an artificial Christmas tree. We hope you have an amazing holiday! Christmas is the season of joy and happiness so it’s the right time to celebrate! If you want to enjoy the Wunderman Thompson Christmas campaign the style you want, be sure to follow Wunderman Thompson on social media so that you stay current with the most recent news and events-enjoy our new Christmas ads and campaigns that can inspire the spirit of partying-buy one of our fashionable Christmas gifts to those you love dearly

-get a Christmas tree to provide your home with a festive style

Purchase Christmas presents for all your family members


The Wunderman Thompson Christmas Campaign is a great way to enjoy the style of Wunderman Thompson in addition to receiving gifts. You can have a magical winter season by using these suggestions.



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