How Yelena Surkov’s death could spell the end for Putin’s reign


800g of explosives were buried in her car’s driver’s seat, and were set to go off as she left a Moscow festival. The Kyiv government denies that it was involved in the murder, and the Azov Battalion claims it does not have any evidence that Vovk was a member of them. The evidence that has emerged on social media platforms creates a picture that is not in line with Moscow’s. But, many prominent Russian journalists and Western officials, as well as well as prominent Russian diplomats are of the opinion that the bomb in the car likely was executed by agents of Putin’s support. That’s despite Dugin’s attacks on Putin via Telegram. Russian president on Telegram.

1. Did a car explode that was exploded in Moscow which killed a rebellious Russian Russian?

An explosive explosion took place on the 8th of November, which caused the death of an Moscow dissident. The blast killed the dissident as well many others close by. The blast was strong enough to blast out windows of nearby structures, as well as cause massive destruction to vehicles.

2. Who is accountable for the car bomb blast?

There are many theories suggested regarding the motivation for the attack that caused the death of the Russian patriotic. Some believe that the culprit is Vladimir Putin, but others believe it was his daughter. This incident caused a lot of controversy in Russia no matter the person responsible.

A Short Summary

Darya Dugina is a well-known journalist who supported the Kremlin. She was killed in a vehicle attack in Moscow. This puts the Kremlin within a worryingly close relationship to the war in Ukraine. The day before, Russian intelligence named Natalia Vovk as the agent responsible for her murder. Today, thousands of people were present at the funeral of Darya at the funeral in Moscow. (pictured) Darya was an eminent pro-Kremlin radio broadcaster.



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