How the Chiefs Can Best Replace Willie Gay Jr: The Pros and Cons of Each Candidate


The Chiefs need to restructure the running back line in order to be successful this season. While Tyson Gay is the obvious option, Chiefs need to consider Elijah Lee and Darius Harris. Both of them are skilled and can play in the cover and running positions. To replace Gay the Chiefs are likely that the Chiefs must employ an improvised system.

Darius Harris

Darius Harris will be entering the third year of his career as Darius Harris is a Chiefs player. Following the draft in 2019, Harris did not get drafted, but proved the versatility of his position. Harris is highly regarded at the college level and is able to play in all three positions of linebacker. Brett Veach was very proud of Harris his versatility, and stated Harris is a versatile player. Harris is a great fit in any four-three plan.

The Chiefs have to figure out what they could do to take over Willie Gay Jr. The Chiefs would like to let an unproven player to demonstrate his abilities, however they must be patient. While it’s not an simple task Kansas City can still be playing in the playoffs thanks to the defense and offense that is with out Gay.

Elijah Lee

While Elijah Lee seems to be the obvious option, Chiefs could also consider different candidates. Darius Harris, who has similar athleticism and intelligence as Gay could be a viable alternative. Both have the ability to run as well as playing. There is a chance that the Chiefs may employ an approach of patchwork in order to replace Gay. It could turn as the perfect option for Gay.

Chiefs defense is manned by Bolton, Chenal and Harris. Lee, rookie Jack Cochrane Lee, rookie Jack Cochrane Lee. Gay is the Chiefs most effective tackler, with 11tackles and 2 passes he defended. But, he’ll not play for the next four games due to a violation of the personal conduct guidelines of his team. Gay was arrested on the month of January. Lee was not picked, however he was reinstated. McDuffie However, he was selected after the incident by Jaylen Watson. Jaylen had two special team tackles, as well as the game-winning touchdown, which was a 99-yard interception return.

Anthony Hitchens

Hitchens was a player at Kansas City for the past two seasons and recorded the average figure of 82 total tackles and losing five tackles. The production of Hitchens has decreased in the last two seasons , which has led to lower impact on play. He could be replaced with an experienced player next month or a late-round draft selection. The Chiefs could also make an offer to sign Nick Niemann and Dorian O’Daniel.

The Chiefs are significantly more solid in their defense line than they did last season with out Gay. It was clear that the Kansas City defensive line last season was inconsistent, unmatched and lacked a key player. The Chiefs defense is now comprised of three important players who were added in the offseason in order to handle Gay’s absence.



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