How the Lakers’ new additions will impact the team’s performance this season


The Lakers will be playing 10 players per game. This will allow the players ample time to adjust and establish chemistry.-The Lakers will make a lot of changes so prepare for lots of playing time for rookies as well as second round draft picks.-Be patient with your players; they’ll eventually develop and turn into contenders.Lakers Make Some Minor changes to the roster prior to Final Two Preseason Games.The Lakers will need to make some minor roster changes in order to create the last preseason roster. This may involve adding D-League players, as well as trading players. The Lakers will also need to identify who will start and also who will play backup at various positions.The Lakers Will Need Some Minor roster changes in order to produce the final roster for preseason. In order for the Lakers to have the final roster for the preseason, they’ll need to make some other minor changes also. A possible change is adding members from the D-League. Trading players is another option. If any of the options do not work, Laker management will have make use of their discretion when deciding the final preseason roster.who is going to start as point guard and who will start at shooter guard.The Lakers will start point guard Lonzo Ball and shooting guard KentaviousCaldwell-Pope their opening evening. The team may need to change their roster before they play the Portland Trail Blazers in the final preseason game, which is scheduled for October 16th. What impact will this have on the likelihood of them qualifying for playoffs?


The Lakers are likely to require minor roster modifications to form the roster final for the preseason. Their playoff chances will be affected due to the fact they’ll need to start playing two shooters and point guards. If everything goes as per plan, the Lakers will make the playoffs in the 2018-19 season.



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