How the climate in Ukraine is affecting the people


It’s the call everyone hopes of getting at some point or the other in their lives. It’s the Swedish Academy of Sciences calling you to let you know that they have awarded you with the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Prize was awarded in a different way to honor John Clauser (American physicist) and was awarded the Nobel for his work on quantum mechanics. The announcement will take place at 9am GMT (Singapore timing) The Nobel Peace Prize winner will be declared in Oslo. The announcement is made in the context of the Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine and has thrown Europe into the most acute crises ever since World War II. Along with the other disciplines presented in Stockholm The Peace Prize is Oslo’s only Nobel.

A Short Summary

…. could be awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize in this year’s ceremony? It will be interesting to see what happens in the event of the Nobel Peace Prize this year. It is only a guess but it is possible that the award might be given the prize to Vladimir Putin critics or climate environmental activists.



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