How the coronavirus is impacting Apple’s iPhone production in China


The place at issue is the newly-opened Apple iPhone manufacturing facility in Zhengzhou, China. There were reports on social media that began to circulate Tuesday that employees from Foxconn’s facility in Zhengzhou, in China, had been seen escaping the premises as they tried to stop the spread of the Covid epidemic. The reports prompted Chinese authorities to close down the surrounding area of the factory. It is located in the city of Zhengzhou, which is home to hundreds of thousands of residents and is the biggest iPhone manufacturing plant in the world. This is not the only incident of Covid-19 in Apple suppliers China. In September, Foxconn has been forced to close another iPhone manufacturing facility in China following a positive test of workers for the virus.

1.What caused the Covid outbreak at the Foxconn manufacturing plant in China?

The combination of these factors could contribute to the spread of Covid within the Chinese Foxconn factory. It is first located in an area that has high concentrations of inhabitants, which makes it more likely for the virus to spread. Additionally, the facility employs migrant workers who might not have access to similar healthcare or living conditions in China the same way as Chinese employees. It is possible that the factory has lower safety standards than others in China.

2. What is the number of employees at Foxconn?

In the news concerning China’s decision to block an area surrounding the world’s biggest iPhone manufacturing facility is the Chinese’s. Foxconn operates the company which employs approximately 2,000 employees. The plant is situated in Zhengzhou, in the Henan province in China. As a result of the spread of coronavirus within this region that was triggered by the lockdown. The virus has killed over 1000 individuals in China and spread to more than 40,000. This shutdown will keep workers leaving the factory as well as make it harder for people to access the. This can help prevent the spread of the virus.

3. What caused the workers to flee the plant?

The Coronavirus virus could cause the employees of the facility to evacuate. The virus is causing an outbreak of lockdowns in various parts across the country, which includes that surrounding the factory. This has caused many businesses to shutter, and employees losing their work. Workers may have left their jobs to look for work at a different location.

Quick Summary

As China begins to reopen after many years of shut down, the Foxconn plant outbreak highlights the problems that authorities must face in order to confront in order to defeat the virus. The restrictions are in place as two other large Chinese cities, Beijing and Shanghai, are stepping up tests and contact tracing due to a resurgence of infections.



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