How this will impact the safety of foreign nationals in Nigeria


At a meeting of the Special Protection Unit recently, IGP Faisal Shakar instructed his officers to devise the most secure security procedures for foreign nationals. This is an essential step in the interests of national security. This is important to note that security measures for foreigners have many subtleties.

IGP Faisal Shahkar

To make sure that Majalis as well as processions, and other events in Punjab during Muharram are secure The Punjab Police has been involved in creating foolproof security measures. The functions will result in the deployment of over 174,477 officers. The police will take active part in peace committees, and encourage understanding between scholars.

Faisal Shahkar IGP was in charge of the four levels of security in the Majalis, as well as central processing. They include CCTVs metal detectors and gate-walk-throughs. The additional force needs to be added to procession routes. The IG was also asked to ensure that patrolling times at night are expanded.

The IGP has also directed the police to take strict action against law breakers, while keeping a peaceful atmosphere within public areas. All supervisory officers have been directed to take strong action against wheelies and hooligans. In order to protect family members in recreation areas the governor has directed the dispatch female officers. Also, he has asked RPOs, DPOs to create family-specific squads.

IGP Punjab

The Punjab Police Commissioner has directed the Punjab Police to complete existing work and to submit a status document to Central Police Office. The Punjab Police Commissioner stated that merit is the primary consideration when moving officers. Officers who are the top performers will be given priority post. In addition, he has directed to keep track of Khuli Katchehries regularly.

In the opinion of the IGP Punjab, foolproof security arrangements need to be in place at all major events, including the Ashura processions and Majalis. Police should also facilitate the active participation of peace committees as well as create an environment that promotes cooperation between the police and the scholars. The police, together with other agencies with sensitive issues, need to enhance their search and rescue operations.

The IGP Punjab has also ordered accelerated intelligence-based operations against criminals within the Kacha zone. Supervising officers must oversee all of these operations. The IGP advised police officers to cooperate together with security organizations as well as other authorities for the protection of people and their property. The police force should also be well-equipped with modern weapons and bulletproof vests.

IGP Sindh

The DIGs were instructed by the IGP Sindh to improve security across the province beginning on the 14th of December and running until the 27th December. The IGP Sindh has instructed the DIGs to increase security throughout every district, making sure that they have secure measures that are foolproof. He also ordered the rapid emergency response force as well as anti-riot squadrons to be on standby for any potential security threat.

The latest IT equipment, such as Safe City cameras, are being used to monitor the main procession that takes place in Chehlum. Over 42,000 police officers will also be on the ground to provide security and security, including the majority of them in the capital. Also, more than 300 procession and majalis events will take place throughout the province.

It is also important to note that the IGP Sindh also directed the Regional Police Officers of Hyderabad and Sukkur to create foolproof security arrangements in the holy Ashura-eMuharram of the patron saint. In addition the Provincial Police Chief also directed the use of police officers at sensitive areas and buildings in order to secure the people during the procession.



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