Jesus Murillo Karam facing charges over 43 missing students


The news of Murillo Karam, former attorney general of Guerrero getting arrested is very disappointing. Our sincere condolences go out to loved ones of the families who lost their children. We pray that justice is served. We call on that the Mexican government to continue their efforts to bring those who are responsible to account and assure that this catastrophe never takes place again.

1. What is the specifics of this case? What is the status of the case against the former attorney general in Mexico?

Jesus Murillo Karam is the ex-attorney general of Mexico. The former attorney general was indicted in connection to the disappearance of 43 students. Here are the specifics of the investigation: Sept. 26, 2014,, students disappeared as they boarded buses departing from Iguala in Mexico in protest against the Mexican government. Students were led by police and taken to a neighboring station of the police after they were seized. The next day after, it was announced that the Mexican Attorney General’s Office announced that the students had been shot dead and the bodies burned at an abandoned dump located in Cocula, the city. Cocula. Murillo Karam, the Attorney General of the day, was responsible for the inquiry.

2. What was the number of students murdered in the case of 2014?

As of now, it is believed that 43 students were murdered in the murder case in 2014. It is possible that this number will change nonetheless, as additional information is discovered and the investigation goes on. The only thing that is sure about the investigation is the detention of Jesus Murillo Karam (ex-attorneygeneral of Mexico). There is a belief that he played a role in the disappearances and subsequent deaths of the students.

3. Which charges are levelled against an ex-attorney général?

Jesus Murillo Karam, the former attorney general of Mexico who was the attorney general of Mexico, was detained and charged with the disappearances of students. Following the last sightings by officers, they disappeared. They all came residents of Guerrero and were studying at an institution for teachers. Murillo Karam is accused of concealing the disappearances of his students, and hindering the investigation. He is facing a variety of charges including dereliction or duty and corruption.

4. Who’s Mexico’s present Attorney General?

Jesus Murillo Karam was the ex-attorney General of Mexico. The former attorney general was accused for the disappearance of 43 students. The Attorney General in Mexico will be Luis. Lopez-Guerra.

A Quick Review

In the wake of disappearances of 43 students, Jesus Murillo Karam (ex-Attorney General of Mexico) was arrested and indicted on charges of misconduct and torture. It’s a major win for the families of those who were victims as well as justice in Mexico.



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