Karim Benzema wins 2022 Ballon d’Or award


Karim Benzema was rewarded for his outstanding success with Real Madrid by winning the Ballon d’Or at a star-studded ceremony in Paris on Monday, while Spaniard Alexia Putellas retained the women’s prize. Benzema, who has been an integral part of Madrid’s string of three consecutive Champions League triumphs since he joined the club from Lyon from Lyon in the year 2009 was the first Frenchman to take home the Ballon d’Or since Michel Platini in 1983 and 1984. Benzema declared “It’s a tremendous honour to get this award. It is recognition not only for me, but for my teammates who have supported me throughout my process.”

1. How did Karim Benzema react to Karim Benzema’s Ballon d’Or win?

Karim Benzema was thrilled to have having won the Ballon d’Or, stating that it was a wish that was made true. This award was given to the family of Karim Benzema, colleagues and close friends, declaring that it had been the realization of a long-held dream. Benzema thank his fans and acknowledged that he could not had won this award without their assistance.

2. What lessons did Karim Benzema learnt from Cristiano Ronaldo?

Karim the Benzema certainly has a busy career and it appears that his abilities are only improving in age. Recently, he was awarded his 2022 Ballon d’Or, an award that is given to the top player in the world. This is a huge honour. Benzema gained a lot of knowledge from playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is one of greatest players in world, and he has plenty of knowledge. Benzema could learn from Ronaldo as well, and managed to elevate his game up to the next step. Ronaldo taught Benzema lots and made him a better athlete.

3. What is Karim Benzema’s current playing schedule for Real Madrid since 2002?

Karim Benzema has been playing for Real Madrid since 2009. He has been a key player of the team, scoring goals and helping to create chances for his teammates. He is regarded as one of the most outstanding players on the planet and has received numerous accolades, including the Ballon d’Or.

A Quick Summary

Ronaldo taught Benzema many lessons to become one of the most admired strikers across the globe. He is a deserving recipient of the Ballon d’Or award.



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