Meta’s oversight board is committed to protecting free speech online


Happy morning to everyone! Last week, Jack Dorsey, the director of Twitter has announced that they were beta-testing a brand new application for social networks. Some people were surprised this announcement, particularly in light of the controversy that surrounds Twitter. The app could be what Twitter needs in order to get its feet to get back on track. This app will have an open protocol, which makes it decentralized compared to other social media platforms. It is good news, because it makes it harder for harmful actors to make use of this platform to carry out their activities. The app is in development and will only be validated when it goes live.

1. Are Jack Dorsey, cofounder of Twitter testing a brand innovative social media application?

The new social media application which Jack Dorsey is beta testing is called Twitter. This application allows users to communicate with one others in real-time. 2. What’s the objective of the Meta’s oversight board? The Meta oversight board is accountable for examining content moderation discussions on Twitter. The board regulates Twitter content. 3. What devices will the board employ for managing content that is moderated? The board will be able regulate content with various tools such as a filter, which will be able to remove certain content from being shared via Twitter. 4.

2. What exactly is developing distributed protocols?

Distributed protocol development is a method by which a group of software developers come together to create a protocol or set of standard for a particular system. This is typically done in a transparent manner and is not governed by a central authority, when developers come together to come up with the best solution. The Meta Oversight board’s mission was to set the standards of moderation for content which are applicable to Twitter as well as other social media sites.

3. How did Twitter’s ban on Donald Trump come about?

Twitter’s decision to stop allowing Donald Trump came about after several discussions and discussion. Trump has been using Twitter as a platform to distribute false facts and to incite violence. Twitter blocked Trump’s account permanently after repeated warnings. It was an unpopular choice, however one Twitter considered necessary in order to maintain the safety and integrity of the platform.

Quick Summary

Elon Musk announced that it would be forming a new content moderating committee on Twitter, suggesting that Trump’s ban could to remain in force for the time being. However, any final decisions on posting and account reinstatement is ultimately up to the newly formed moderation council. It is worth noting: Former US Trump president Donald Trump said Twitter was “back in good hands” after its purchase by Elon Musk the billionaire.



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