NATO pledges support for Ukraine against Russia


Russian forces struck Ukrainian cities on Monday, leading to major escalation in the conflict between the countries. At least 8 people died from the attack at civilian targets, which included the central Kyiv. The constant barrage by Russia on major cities shows it’s not looking for peaceful solutions to the current conflict. While the counter-offensive by Ukraine over the last few weeks is taking shape and gaining momentum, this assault by Russia can certainly slow the efforts. Ukraine’s people need international support now more than ever.

1. This was which was the Russian who was the main target of the attack of Kyiv (Ukraine) on the 10th of October, Monday. 10, 2022

On October 10, 2022, the Russians fired on Kyiv within Ukraine. It targeted the president’s palace. It was shortly after the Ukrainian army announced that it has fought back against a Russian-backed separatist campaign in the southeast of Ukraine. The shooting was condemned by the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, who described it as an attack of “direct aggressiveness” from Russia. Even though the Kremlin has denied any involvement during the war The Ukrainian government released audio recordings that they claim to prove Russian involvement. The audio recordings are believed to include discussions with Russian troops and separatist fighters in which the soldiers discuss the attack on Kyiv. Kyiv was attacked. Kyiv comes amid a sharp escalation in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

2. What was the number of people killed by the shelling?

Based on the most up-to-date reports, the shelling in the Russia-Ukraine War has claimed the death of two persons. This tragic incident highlights the need for a long-lasting and sustainable solution for the conflict in this region. This event also emphasizes the necessity for the world community to work together in order to bring an end to the violence.

A Quick Review

The Russia-Ukraine War, in conclusion has been a major war with many implications for our future. The conflict has gotten more intense in recent months, and each side suffering massive damage. It’s not over, so it’s important to keep up with the most recent happenings.



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