One dead after incident at Hamilton home


The shocking news that Zachary Potts (27), as well as three others who were victims of a car accident last month has deeply stunned us. We extend our sympathy for their family members at this sad time. Police say that the SUV Potts was driving collided with an oncoming car that killed all four of the people in the. The data from the airbag control module indicated that the vehicle was moving at 77 mph at the time of the collision. This tragic accident has resulted in the loss of life, and our hearts are with those who were affected. We’d like to urge everyone to drive cautiously and pay attention to the surroundings around you at all times.

1. What is the reason behind the SUV crash that killed Walorski along with three others?

It was a sad day for Walorski as well being three other people who suffered injuries. The cause of the car accident is in the process of being determined, it seems that Walorski lost control of the vehicle and led the vehicle to crash into an elm tree. We continue to grieve for those who were killed in this devastating incident.

2. What was the speed of the car when it was involved in the accident?

The SUV was traveling at a high speed at the time that it crashed into the house. The high speed at which the SUV was traveling could contribute to the extent of the accident.

3. Was it an emergency call?

This emergency call concerned an incident that occurred at a Hamilton home , which resulted in one death. It’s unclear what took place, but it is clear that there was some kind of altercation that led to the death of one of the individuals. The other individuals affected by the incident are currently being investigated by police and an investigation is in progress.

Quick Summary

This has been a tragic time for us in the area We send our heartfelt condolences out to the families that have lost beloved family members. We are hopeful that an investigation conducted by police into the incident can provide answers for families that were involved. While we wait it is our responsibility to keep our roadways in good condition and stay alert to avoid another tragedy from taking place.



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