President Macron of France and other world leaders gathered in London today to remember the late Queen Elizabeth II.


Introduction: We are remembering the Queen Elizabeth II on this day. The queen was awe-inspiring and a great leader who was greatly regretted. To honor her memory this is a look at some of the top names in world politics paying their condolences in London.

Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral Today.

She was the last British monarch who died in office

Queen Elizabeth’s death marked the end of an era, as she was succeeded by her grandson, Prince Charles.

How do I prepare for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth

It’s always a sad day when a beloved and powerful queen goes to be put to rest. However, when it comes to the time leading to her passing, it may be difficult to plan. Here are some guidelines for keeping yourself healthy: Wear an elegant black dress. Mourning clothing is often an appropriate way to show support for the Queen and her entire family. Black dress shows your grief and your support for the royal family.Attend a service on the grounds of Saint Paul’s Cathedral: The funeral procession of the Queen will depart London’s iconic Cathedral at around 6:00 am on Saturday So be sure to take part in a funeral service beforehand.Don’t drink or eat during the service: This is especially important when you’re vegan or vegetarian since many Catholic churches do not offer food during services. It is possible to skip the aftermath of the service, which can last for several days, if you are required to eat or drink. You should not engage in anything social, including drinking before the period of mourning ends.

How do you react after the death of Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s funeral will take place at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Thursday, April 6. The funeral will take place at St. Paul’s Cathedral that will be followed by a funeral for the public on Tower Hill Cemetery. The following day, the world leaders who attended her funeral will attend an event held in London to discuss the future direction of Britain. United Kingdom.


The Queen’s funeral is scheduled to take place on the day of her funeral. If you’re in London make sure you go to a funeral service in St. Paul’s Cathedral before going to the wake of the funeral. If you’re not living in London There are a few things that you can take care of to make to attend the funeral. First, wear the black gown to show that you are there for the queen and her loved ones. Beware of alcohol as well as eat healthful food. Do not go out following the service because the party will be a lot of drinking in the Queen’s funeral procession. Also, ensure that you know the events behind closed doors , and be informed of all important announcements or news during your stay visiting London.



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