Quinta Brunson reacts to the negative reaction to her Emmy speech


Kimmel was discussing what he thinks about TV’s current state when a fan called to say that Kimmel had to apologize after making comments regarding RuPaul’s Drag Race. Brunson said in the video that she was sorry for her comments prior to the show that “Jimmy Kimmel, I’m very sorry for the things I’ve said regarding your television.” “I wasn’t joking about it like that and I really regret my words.”Jimmy Kimmel has ripped Quinta Brunson for laying down in the Emmy stage.Jimmy Kimmel was live on air on the air when he made an announcement that he was going to rip Quinta Brunson after she laid down in the Emmy stage. After a heated debate in which he apologized, he later admitted to having a “bad show” and said that he’d do what that he could to keep this from happening again. Brunson followed up by asking Jimmy Kimmel how he felt concerning the whole episode, to which Jimmy Kimmel replied with an aggressive, personal assault. Brunson stated that Brunson had been a weak, stupid person and that he should not have been laying upon the Emmy platform. Jimmy Kimmel then criticized Brunson’s behavior. Brunson’s appearanceand said that he looked like a “poochie” and called him the “sniveling insecure coward.” Brunson’s continued presence stage despite being repeatedly warned not to, he also expressed concern.

Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes For Ripping Quinta Brunson.

Jimmy Kimmel issued a statement on Twitter after being found in a lie about sleeping at the Emmy stage. Brunson complained about Jimmy’s fight on stage in the last episode of the Emmys. “Jimmy Kimmel behaved like an entitled little boy and lay down on the stage,” Brunson wrote on Instagram.In a follow-up tweet, Jimmy Kimmel said he regretted his conduct and that he’d never again. Jimmy Kimmel posted, “I’m truly sorry for what I did in front of Quinta Brunson.” The same thing won’t happen again!” “I assure you.” Quinta Brunson responded in a tweet to Jimmy Kimmel’s apology. She said she accepted the apology wholeheartedly and was looking forward to continuing the friendship.

Three Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes to Ripping Quinta Brunson.

Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes For Laying on the Emmy Stage. Jimmy Kimmel broadcast a segment on his “The Late Show” in which he criticised Quinta Brunson’s behavior during the Emmy stage. It was widely criticized by many people who felt it was a direct blow and disrespectful to Brunson. To address the criticism, Kimmel issued a statement apologized for his conduct. He said that he had not intend to be a nuisance to Brunson however he regrets the hurt that could resulted. He added that he will never repeat anything similar to this ever again.

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