Revisiting Ancient Theater: Take a Journey Through Greetings Arts Calendar December


The world of art isn’t slowing down even as the Christmas season is approaching. There’s a wide range of shows, ranging from double-performance bill shows to events which incorporate time travel as well as magical kingdoms, to shows that are pre-Christmas. The 5th of December, on a Thursday, My Barbarian (Live and Virtual) will showcase the classic Pop photographs and films on historic and post-carceral figures from trans-historical times.

W nd St Wnd St. is the home to the critically acclaimed production My Barbarian. It includes You were Born Poor, and Poor You will die. The combination of rock opera, mystery play as well as ancient Greek theater tells the story of an occult of religious significance that makes the sacrifice of a human being to maintain the existing order. Silver Minds, which combines the conventions of Noh theater, New Wave music and science fiction to create ghost tales of resource extraction as well as climate change will be on show. The show is based on stories from people who went back in time to see the natural world. The performances will run between Thursday and Saturday during December and will begin at 6:00 pm. Admission is only $1.

The show will be held on Thursday and on Friday, December 6th and December th, respectively, visitors are invited to an interactive multi-media art exhibit. The event will mark the debut of a new series on FX that is based on Octavia Butler’s critically acclaimed novel. With a curator-curated gallery exhibition that features works of Black artists , and enhanced with an the immersive installation of the environment, visitors are transported from the present Los Angeles to the 21st century. The event is located at W Adams Boulevard in West Adams in Los Angeles. The event hours are from 6 until 8:00 pm on Thursday, and from 9:00 am until 5:15 pm on Friday.

Alexander May has curated this exclusive collection of black and white film portraits. The collection offers an insight into the process of creating and the way it’s affected by personal experiences. The exhibition showcases Warhol’s film subjects , which include friends as well as contemporary artists like Keith Haring and William S. Burroughs. The location is N Western Ave., E Hollywood. From Friday through Sunday December between 11am and 5 pm. No charge; The documentary about Jesse Krimes, the prisoner artist who was imprisoned is scheduled to be shown at MOCA in the form of ‘Art Krimes by Krimes’. Krimes from Krimes.

Mari Cardenas’ works of artwork, such as a mural that measures 3.5 feet made of newspapers, sheets of prison bed as well as hair gel. They will be displayed in Self Help Graphics in an exhibition titled Colores de Valor. The panels were taken in fragments and then smuggled to other artists. Krimes was able to see the whole mural upon his return to his house. Krimes is an artist with a reputable name who is a focal point for attention and praise to his artwork. Krimes is struggling to adjust to the outside world and with his fear that a error could result in an eternity of prison. The event is scheduled to take place on S Grand Ave. in Downtown on the Friday of December 5, at 5:15 pm.

Mari who is now at the age of 90, continues to draw. Mari is an active part of Self Help Graphics. SHG presents a solo exhibition at the gallery E st St. Boyle Heights. The exhibit demonstrates the ways in which Mari utilized color, shape and emotions to face the challenges of life to achieve happiness. The gallery will be open through February 2, and it is open to everyone. The 10th of December, on a Friday between 0pm and 0pm visitors will be able to view works from other SHG artists. An online art lecture will be also held in The Getty on the Saturday of the 10th of December.


Self Help Graphics is displaying Colores de Valor on Friday on December 6 at 7pm. The amazing artwork was designed by Mark Dean Veca, while being in prison. The mural is comprised of prison bed sheets, gel for hair, and newspapers. It was created by collaborating prisoners. The exhibition is designed to raise attention to the challenges that people who have to leave prison. It is open to everyone and is free. Don’t miss out on the chance to view art displayed on the S Grand Avenue Downtown which speaks to how difficult it is to adjust to life outside of prison as well as the fear of being re-jailed.



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