Senior Citizen Health Insurance


Health insurance is an important insurance which covers a portion or all of the risk on a person spreading the risk to multiple other persons, thereby protecting them from major medical expenses. It is vital for everybody to have this insurance as it serves as a financial umbrella against any major medical expense. But, finding a reliable and genuine health insurance provider is not so easy as it sounds. So, the first step is to do a complete market research and compare the various plans offered by different insurance providers in UK.

A person can become eligible for health insurance covers through several means. In the UK, all residents are allowed to avail this medical care through NHS hospitals and private hospitals if the NHS is not available in their area. Some other schemes also offer high medical care benefits to people who can afford high premiums. Other schemes include additional benefits like travel insurance for the elderly and vision and dental care benefits for senior citizens.

Health insurance plans help you to take care of expenses incurred due to illness, injury and surgery. It is very important to know the basics of health insurance before taking a final decision. Different health insurance plans have different ways of providing financial cover to the insured party. The insurer pays the expenses for treatment of all the insured’s in-clinic days, hospitalization, surgery, prescribed drugs and post-operative care. Different insurers have different policies regarding the use of health insurance money.

Insurance premium amount is determined by the insurer on the basis of the individual health condition of the person. Insurance premium amount is set at an affordable rate considering the present income and standard of living of each and every individual. The insurer may ask the individual to pay a higher premium to insure against future medical expenses. This amount is called the ex-gratia fee and must be paid only once.

Another factor affecting health insurance covers is gender. Most of the insurers provide medical care benefits for women than men. There are many schemes offered under the family health insurance covers. It provides benefits for pregnant women, old age people, those with pre-existing medical conditions, unemployed individuals and so on.

Health insurance plans, coverage is also a major concern for senior citizens. They are the ones who are mostly not able to buy individual health insurance plans due to their low income or the lack of availability of health insurance. Under the senior citizen health insurance plans, an insurer agrees to insure an individual and pay the medical cost in return of premium paid by the insured. These plans are beneficial for the seniors as they are not able to buy expensive medical care as often. In case, the insured member of the group becomes invalid, the policy holder has to payout the entire amount to the insurer from the insurer’s own pocket.

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