Stephen King Names the Best Miniseries He’s Seen This Year: The Dark Tower



Stephen King is known for his love for films. He would often rush to school in his younger years to write novelizations of films which he enjoyed. These were then offered to his teachers and classmates at between 25 and 50 cents. The author was able to produce three radio shows with his short stories.

“The Pacific” is another highly rated miniseries, with John Turturro and Riz Ahmed. The miniseries chronicles the lives of three U.S. Marines during World The Second World War’s Pacific theaters. The miniseries won eight Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Miniseries.


“The Haunting of Hill House” is a well-known haunted tale of a house. The miniseries adaptation from Stephen King’s classic novel became a huge success right away. It also has the added benefit of starring Michael Douglas, who has stated it is his favorite film to date.

“Lisey’s Stories” is another adaptation of the novel by King, which was published in 1954. The writer was the main character. It features both innocence and guilt. The story follows the smooth writer from New York City Ben Mears as he returns back to rural Maine to pen a novel on the Marsten House, an abandoned mansion. Barlow, James Mason and Straker are only a handful people who are new to the town. One of the trio is a vampire and the tale unfolds from that point on.

Lisey’s story

Stephen King has long been hugely devoted to the series The Stand, which will release on Blu-ray and DVD on September. 24. The story follows a world has been wiped out due to a super-virus, and survivors are forced to pick sides against evil or good and then make their choice in a final battle. The miniseries is set to feature Molly Ringwald and Rob Lowe as well as Gary Sinise.

“Lisey’s Story is another of King’s works that he wrote himself as well as the first adaptation of his novel after 1997’s The Shining. Lisey’s Story is about the widow of famous writer Scott Landon, who spends all of her life cleaning out his office. Her heart is still broken by Scott’s loss and gets obsessive about Scott’s life and works. She sets off on a quest to find Scott’s possessions in order in order to save her own life. She goes on scavenger hunting throughout the miniseries.

The Tommyknockers

Stephen King has spent a long time watching TV. At the beginning of January, Stephen King spoke about his love for Yellowjackets and declared it to be the “coolest and most wackiest springtime show”. Since then, he’s lauded Shining Girls, Black Bird, and Five Days At Memorial.

TNT has adapting to the Dark Tower series by King for TV. This series combines western, science-fiction, and fantasy aspects. Stephen King has a great taste in style and he is able to transfer his words perfectly onto television.


The Shining is one of King’s best-known books, and he recently adapted The Shining into a miniseries for ABC. While it’s not the most popular among fans The acting is top-notch as is the story, which remains faithful to the novel. Mick Garris directed the miniseries. He’s also directed numerous Stephen King adaptations. After its release, it was criticized.

Based on Stephen King’s book, The Shining stars Rebecca De Mornay and Steven Weber. Jon Voight plays Danny Torrance’s younger brother Melvin Van Peebles. Elliott Gould is also cast. Apart from the main actors, there are also secondary characters such as Emily Deschanel, who plays Wendy Torrance, and Jeremy Piven as her husband Jack.



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