The 10 Countries with the Most Cultural Influence


Cultural influence is not enough to determine a country’s ranking. Certain countries influence more on the world stage than other. Here are 5 of the top countries in the world in terms of influence and cultural impact. France, Denmark, Australia, and South Africa all make the list. What are they having they have in common?


The Ethiopian culture comes from the amalgamation of a variety of ethnic groups. Each group’s culture is distinct but they all contribute to the language and culture of the nation. People in Ethiopia enjoy many different cultural practices, including dancing, food, and haircuts. Ethiopian culture offers a wide mixture of both spiritual and physical customs that make it an ethnically diverse country.

In Ethiopia, the social system revolves around family. Family is valued and members are rewarded for the work they give to their families. Many parents stay in touch with their children, even after their children have grown up.


Although Denmark was once one of the most open countries for immigrants, recent developments resulted in a rise in tensions between native residents. Some political parties have called to exclude foreigners from the social service system. Foreigners who are new to Denmark often register as citizens and display Danish values and culture at home and in public.

Although Danish is the country’s national spoken language, a variety of languages are used throughout Denmark. Many Danes have fluency in English as well as German, but many complain about difficulties getting to know Danish. Also, there are several terms that refer to opposite meanings with different meanings and spelling and pronunciation may not always correspond.


It is undisputed the fact that Australia has a significant international cultural influence. The country is home to some of the world’s top performers as well as artists. Indeed, Australia boasts some of the most successful artists throughout the history of the Grammy Awards. The artists that are included include: Silverchair, Powderfinger, John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, and other artists.

Australia is proud of its culture. Australian people are proud of its unique heritage, despite the influence on it that the United States has had on the country. After World War II, Australia’s society has moved towards American style of living, yet Australia is able to retain its unique culture.

South Africa

Tourists who travel to South Africa should be aware of a variety of dangers. The country has a large number of carjackings. It is advised to secure your car, and also open the windows. Keep important items out of view. Another risk to be aware of is “smash and take” robberies. They’re common at highway highways and cities. They usually disguise themselves as vendor before grabbing whatever valuables are in your vehicle.

Although South Africa has a diverse number of people, there are typical traits. Most South Africans are entrepreneurial and are willing to take risks. They value working hard and collaborating. People who are motivated typically think in practical and realistic ways. Many of them are motivated through fear of joblessness.


The United States of America, being a sovereign republic in the United States, comprises fifty states and the island state of Hawaii. It’s located near the middle of Pacific Ocean. The states that are part of the contiguous country share land borders with Canada and in the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. It is also 4th largest nation in terms of size.

The United States of America is not a brand new country nevertheless, it has experienced some significant development. The nation’s creation in 1776 marked the first step towards a united nation. This was an important moment for the entire world, as this was one of the very first European colony to be able to split and become a nation. The first few years of the period of its existence were filled with social debates, territorial expansion as well as economic expansion. At the beginning of the 20th century the U.S. started to expand throughout North America, often displacing Native Americans. This expansion resulted in the creation of new states. This led to the United States eventually spanned the continent from west to east.



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