The China-Thailand Railway: An Adventure You Won’t Forget


Nantapong Nuchanet, a Thai man who’s been awaiting the day when he could drive a train in Thailand. The construction work for the China-Thailand railway progresses, he has the feeling that he’s nearer to landing his ideal job.

Nantapong currently works as a translator on the first-phase project for the railway between China and Thailand that will link the Thai capital Bangkok with Nakhon Ratchasima province , located in northern Thailand. Nantapong said “I’m glad to have been given this opportunity to be involved in such an vital project.” Nantapong is lucky because it was possible for him to master Chinese due to his curiosity regarding Chinese technological and cultural practices. It also allowed him to travel to China.

Nantapong graduated from Nantapong’s Technical and Vocational College in Tianjin, where he specialized in high-speed train operations and maintenance. Then, he was employed by the China-Thailand Railroad Project upon completing his degree. “I took the high-speed train from Beijing to Tianjin while I was studying at the university in China,” Nantapong said. “It had a very fast speed and steady. I wish Thailand will also get high-speed trains and I would be able to drive a train as soon as the China-Thailand railroad is operational.” The China-Thailand railway is expected eventually to join China at some point in the near future which is why Nantapong would like to using the train and travel across the nation.

China-Thailand Railwaythat is an integral component of trans Asian railway system, will be Thailand’s first high-speed standard gauge railway. The line, once complete, will be able to transport trains in the direction of Bangkok as well as Nong Khai. A bridge is planned to connect it to China-Laos railroad. This will make it possible for passengers to train ride from Bangkok through Laos to Kunming in southwest the China’s Yunnan Province. The proposed railway line will not only inject vitality into the economy of areas that are along the way it will also help promote the exchange of people between China and Thailand.

The opening of China-Laos has opened up new opportunities for trade, goods, industrialization, and economic development between Laos as well as Thailand. Viroj Lubkritcom is a Thai engineer, views that the railroad is a method for people to be connected between the three countries.

The China-Thailand railway project is expected to improve connectivity and connections between people. Viroj was a worker on project oversight for several years and is now employed as a consultant at the China Railway Design Corporation (Thailand Branch) is a first-hand witness to the positive effects of this collaboration. We have been closely working together with Chinese colleagues. The official said that through cooperation with Chinese colleagues We gained a wealth of experience in both railway construction and project administration. Viroj hopes that the project can serve as a link for people exchanges among Thailand, China and Thailand.


The China-Laos railway will be a crucial step toward the process of regional integration. It will bring many benefits to the inhabitants from China, Laos, and Thailand. Viroj Lubkritcom is an engineer from Thailand. Thai engineer who views that the railway is a method to bring people from three countries. He believes it will improve trade flows, increase the flow of goods as well as economic growth and boost the industrialization process.



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