The Dangers of a “Runaway” Constitutional Convention


What is the Republican Revolution: What is it?

In the early 1800s, an elite group of conservative Republicans headed by John Adams began to advocate for the Constitution change in accordance to their views. The goal of the Republican Revolution was to substitute the Constitution with an oblique document that would protect their rights and convictions.

The purpose was the goal Republican Revolution:

They sought to protect their rights and values and also change the Constitution in order to make it more theirs to control. In order to achieve this, they employed violence and vandalism to silence any voices of opposition. In the course of their efforts, the Republican Revolution threatened the Constitution through a series of proposed changes to our Constitution which would create more the gap in income and grant wealthy individuals more power in the political arena. A lot of groups opposed the proposals which led to war and ultimately Reconstruction.

What can you do to protect the Constitution?

The Republican Revolution is an imminent danger to the Constitution. There are a variety of methods to prevent the spread of this revolutionary movement: Find out more about the Constitution as well as The Republican Revolution. It will help you understand the severity of their threat and what you can do to defend yourself. All constitutional changes that are made over the next few years must be opposed. It is possible to speak out against any constitutionally unconstitutional change within your community or state. Make sure to spread the word on the importance of the Constitution is to the rule of law and the individual rights of your local neighborhood. It is a fact that the Republican Revolution poses a threat to our Constitution. Find out more about the best ways to defend our Constitution and take part in the fight to defeat the Revolution. It is possible to become an activist and participate in politics to defend the Constitution. The information on this is located on websites like The Huffington Post and If you think you could contribute to this fight, think about taking on a campaign for office or joining a local organization which defends our Constitution.


Our Constitution is in danger due to our nation’s constitutional crisis due to the Republican Revolution. Find out more about the Constitution and join organizations that oppose the revolution in order to save the Constitution. It is also possible to take action in the political arena to defend the Constitution. It is crucial that we cooperate in order to protect our nation’s most important Constitutional documents. Thank you for your cooperation!



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