The European Parliament’s damning report on Hungary


The respect for the dignity of humans, freedom as well as equality, democracy as well as the rule of law form the basis of the European Union. Every one of the EU Member States share these values , and are an integral component of EU. In a vote, the European Parliament concluded that Hungary could be at risk of breaking EU fundamental values. It is the European Commission has now recommended that Hungary be excluded from certain cohesion funds. The law of the land must be respected throughout all EU member States. Every citizen should be treated equally before the law and are entitled to a fair and independent judiciary.

1. Does it the European Commission suggesting anything regarding the use of Hungary’s cohesion funds?

In light of Hungary’s recent crackdowns in the field of civil society as well as press freedoms, the European Parliament has branded it an hybrid “electoral dictatorship”. The European Commission recommends that Hungary must meet certain conditions for receiving cohesion funds. It is a requirement that Hungary adheres Hungary to the fundamentals of principles and to the rule of law. Hungary is among the biggest recipients of cohesion funding from the European Union. These funds are designed to reduce socioeconomic gaps across the EU. Hungary was criticized for making use of these funds to support the dictatorial regime it has. In the report of the European Parliament on Hungary, the nation “has demonstrated a distinct trend of slipping backwards on the rule of law” as well as the rule of the law in the last year.

2. What contribution will Hungary make in the EU budget for 2021-2027?

In light of recent law modifications Due to recent changes in the law of elections, due to recent changes in the law of elections, European Parliament called Hungary an “electoral autocracy” mixed. Hungary is a part of EUR17.5 millions in the EU budget for 2021-2027. It is the European Parliament has been critical of the changes made to the law on elections in Hungary, claiming that they could permit the current ruling party to remain in power for a long time. The changes also include the establishment of a brand new “national consultation” which would let the party to solicit the public’s opinion on important questions. Also, there is an opportunity to extend the term of office for lawmakers from both and the European Parliament (and the Hungarian Parliament).

3. Did the European Parliament able to reach a conclusion any information about Hungary by an unintentional vote

A symbolic vote was held, the European Parliament declared Hungary as an “electoral dictatorship”. The Parliament says that the administration is democratically elected however, it doesn’t adhere to civil or civil liberties. It also discovered the government of Hungary was governed by a handful of people who were more concerned with their own personal interests than the ones of the people in Hungary.

A Short Summary

European Union has taken steps to protect democracy in its member states, which includes economic sanctions. It is in response to Europe’s claims of “undermining” of democratic institutions within Hungary as well as Poland. Concerning corruption The European Union executive recommended that Hungary be excluded from the funding in the amount of 7.5 billion euros. Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Premier, dismissed the European Resolution of the Parliament as “a absurdity”.



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