The Human Cost of Conflict: The Tragic Toll of the War Between Turkey and Syria


Today is the anniversary of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, which struck the northern part of Syria and the southeast of Turkey on the 7th of February 2023. It has caused massive destruction and has taken many lives, even children. Rescuers managed to save Arif Kaan (a three-year-old boy) from the rubble underneath an apartment structure that collapsed in Kahramanmaras. Additionally, one rescuer managed to lift a baby girl from debris caused by the quake in Jinderis, Syria. The act of heroic heroism can serve as a reminder of how there is still hope in even the most tragic of circumstances.

1. What size was the magnitude of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria on February 7, 2023? Did it strike at the magnitude of 7.3?

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on the 7th of February 2023. The earthquake left 9 638 people dead and many more hurt. The earthquake, which was felt throughout the entire region resulted in significant destruction to the infrastructure and structures, making it increasingly difficult to rescue people. Search and rescue teams tried hard to locate survivors following the disaster. But, they faced difficulties due to a shortage of resources and the scale of the damage. A lot of people are homeless by the loss of their homes, or other structures, and it is difficult to get into areas hit from the natural disaster. Many people are unable receive their healthcare in order to improve the issue.

2. Which city was in close proximity to the epicenter?

Inquiring news of the deaths of 9,638 in Turkey and Syria in addition to rescue efforts being made more complicated by the size of 7.5 earthquake that occurred on October 30 the 30th of October, 2020 are troubling. The epicenter of the earthquake was reported to be in the city of Izmir which is located in the Aegean Sea, located approximately 85 miles from the Syrian-Turkish border. It also affected nearby cities, including Manisa as well as Balikesir. Manisa is located within 20 miles of Izmir. The other cities of the region felt the effects of the earthquake, like Istanbul, Antalya and Ankara.

3. When had the civil war in Syria was going on prior to the earthquake?

The Syrian Civil War had been raging for nearly eight years before the devastation earthquake hit Turkey and Syria in late October of 2019. The earthquake, measuring 6.7 magnitude. It was among of the strongest to strike the region since civil war broke out. The quake caused massive destruction and tragedy. Reports from early December indicate that deaths related to the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria was a staggering 9,638. In the midst of civil war, it made it harder for rescuers to complete their mission, leaving a lot of deaths unrecorded.

4. What was the age of the young girl who was pulled from the debris of her home by the mother?

The international spotlight has been heightened by the news about the Turkey-Syria death toll of 9,638 as well as how the rescue effort is becoming increasingly difficult. Particularly, attention has been drawn to one extremely traumatic incident in which a four-year-old baby girl was freed from the debris. The little girl whom’s name is kept anonymous for her protection is believed as having miraculously survived the trauma, but the emotional and physical pain that she has suffered is incalculable. In spite of her youth it’s clear that she is the latest victim of the conflict that is ongoing, and serves as a reminder of the cost to humanity of an ongoing conflict.

A Short Summary

The tragic earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria in the month of April, 2015 serve to remind us how fragile our lives can be. As a massive death toll is rising and the rescue teams carry on their heroic work we can only pray that everyone finds a way to come together to help the victims of the disaster. Turkiye’s strong sense of community and resilience and its determination are sure to help recover and restore the region that have been affected.



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