The Impact of a Criminal Conviction on a Real Estate Agent’s Career


We’re disappointed to share the result of Aaron’s appeal of a sentence of 24 months. Drever’s appeal was denied before Justice Paul Davison, thereby the end of his legal procedure. It’s a sad day for Drever’s friends and family that were suffering from the loss of his fall from grace. Drever was a highly effective real estate broker and has served the last two years in prison for deception and forgery and also for stealing documents. The incident was made more difficult in the event that he was assaulted violently in the kitchens of Ngawha Prison by an inmate who was not supposed to be in the prison.

1. What was the crime Aaron Drever convicted of?

Aaron Drever is a former real estate agent who was disgraced and sentenced life in prison. He was found guilty for both forgery and fraud. Both of these serious charges carry severe penalties. For this case, fraud refers to illegally using the name of another for financial gain. Forgery, however, is on the other hand, refers to the alteration of a document for the purpose of gaining advantage. In this case the judge found Aaron had used a forged document to acquire a property, and had therefore committed fraud as well as forgery. The court denied the appeal. The defendant will remain in jail until he is sent to court for.

2. What sentence was handed to Drever By Justice Paul Davison?

Drever who was a disgraced real estate agentwho was recently rejected for a restraining order from Justice Paul Davison and must be imprisoned for the rest of his life. The punishment imposed by Justice Davison was a lengthy sentence of prison time, along with the hefty fine that must be paid as restitution for the crimes he’d been found guilty of. Justice Davison handed the sentence to ensure that Drever was not able to keep on committing illegal acts and also to deter other criminals. Even though the sentence could seem unjust, it is intended to make Drever responsible for his deeds.

3. How did Do you think Mrs. White do with the backing of the public?

Mr. and Mrs. White were undoubtedly overwhelmed by the immense public support they’d received in reaction to the news that their son’s appeal had been rejected and he would remain behind in prison. They became unwitting ambassadors for those who were people who were victims of the broken justice system, and the general public welcomed them with open arms. They received support in a variety of types, like public campaigns on social media and local rallies. This showed that Mrs. White and Mr. White the fact that their circumstance was not uncommon. While they obviously felt sad to see their son locked up in prison, the overwhelming love and support their received inspired them to continue fighting for justice.

4. What happened at Ngawha Prison which affected Drever’s condition?

The current situation surrounding the disgraced real estate agent’s appeal having been denied and the consequent need to remain behind bars is a sad illustration of the legal system’s limited ability to show mercy. The incident that occurred at Ngawha Prison, which exacerbated the issue, was a violent outburst involving the agent Mr. Drever, and four of the prison’s guards. Drever was said to be in an argument with guards. The argument quickly turned physical, and Drever was later placed in the isolation. This incident, in addition to the other circumstances of the incident, led to the decision of the court to deny Drever’s subsequent appeal. The end result is that Drever is forced to face the consequences of his behavior and to remain in prison.

Quick Summary

It’s clear that in three separate cases, involving Adam White, Aaron Drever and other members of The Church of Scientology, justice remains elusive. White was wrongly sent in prison for fighting for his home. Aaron Drever was the victim of a vicious attack inside jail and survivors of brutal assault and rape perpetrated by Church members have not been granted justice. Although it’s pleasing to see the generosity of donations to Adam White and his young family members, there is no doubt that much more must be done to ensure justice and accountability to the people suffering at the hands of powerful individuals or institutions.



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