The Influence of Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues on Today’s Music


The task of determining which pop-culture icon is the most iconic of the 20th century isn’t something you should be doing. If you had to pick, Louis Armstrong is a excellent choice. Louis Armstrong was considered to be one of the early pioneers of jazz and played a significant part in shaping the music that we listen to now. The American story of oppression inhumane and dazzling hope can be found within his bones. He made the Star-Spangled Banner a distorted anthem full of frustration and pride well in the past Jimi Hendrix. Hearing the man sing his strikingly exuberant purr or hit one of his well-known sweet high notes is truly an moment to remember.

He played the C trumpet, and gave specifics with his amiable understanding fair. The world was enthralled by Louis Armstrong over a long career that ran for more than fifty years. But America was truly his home–even when we didn’t deserve him. Sacha Jenkins’s enthralling documentary on Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues entwines Armstrong’s tale with the century he helped shape his music, starting from to the Jazz Age, through the Depression and the Civil Rights Movement, to the time of Vietnam and Vietnam and the Cold War.

This animated film shows the affectionate home for Armstrong as well as Queens, Corona. Jenkins documentaries include the survey of hip-hop style Fresh Dressed along with *******’ The the Sound and Fury of Rick James which is from .

Amiri Baraka as well as Stanley Crouch, along with Wynton Marsalis (the modern-day trumpeter) have all helped put a spotlight on Louis Armstrong’s talent. Marsalis confesses that, despite the charms of his father, pianist and teacher Ellis Marsalis, it took him a while to accept Armstrong’s genius; he couldn’t get past Armstrong’s demeanor as an entertainer, which he saw as a kind or Uncle Tom routine designed to attract white people.

About Armstrong his talents as a musician were inextricably connected from his incredibly warm and lovable personality as entertainer, it’s evident that he was the complete piece. Armstrong was adored and respected around the world. Jenkins selected the video of the performance to demonstrate why. Armstrong, as a young person, steps onto the stage New Orleans, then later after in Chicago the city where his music career started off. The performance of Mack the Knife is an amazing feat of phrasing. His charming voice appears to float across the water of lyrics.

Armstrong loved singing and playing the piano. This was his method of expressing his love to his country as in his profound disappointment. Being an entertainer as well as a public image, Armstrong both bestowed blessings and appreciated them. A TV clip from the era of the s features Armstrong and Peter Davis (an early music teacher) whom he describes his student’s talents. Both are standing side-by-side and it’s difficult to tell the one who’s more thrilled.


The thing that is clear when watching the videos of Armstrong’s performances can be seen that Armstrong was a skilled musician. Armstrong had a deep understanding of music, and could communicate with his audience unlike other performers could. His personality and warmth reflect in every performance, making it easy to appreciate why he is extremely admired and loved by his fans across the globe.



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