The Magic of Ely’s Photos: From Outdoors to Cannes and Beyond


Jim Brandenburg, a native of Minnesota located in Ely and has travelled across the globe to take awe-inspiring pictures of wildlife and nature, has recently been presented with National Geographic’s Lifetime Achivement Award by the Photo Society, comprised of photographers for National Geographic magazine. In a declaration expressing gratitude to the prestigious award, the year old winner said: I’m extremely fortunate to have won numerous awards from different parts of the world over through the years. However, this one is unique due to its friends – among the most talented photography professionals in the world. The other five people who are eligible for an award called the Lifetime Achievement Award.

National Geographic photographers have been awarded this honor in the past. Brandenburg most recently contributed to the publication in 2005 with an extensive photo essay entitled ” Days of Spring”. In the past, for a few years his affiliation was to National Geographic. But, Brandenburg was not able to attend the award ceremony in Washington last month because it was his time in Europe which he had been involved in two movies projects. The project’s description was that Brandenburg commented “They are among the largest and intricate of my career”. One of the projects is a feature film about Brandenburg’s relationship with nature, created by a renowned production company that has been awarded the Cannes Award.

Brandenburg Films is an Italian big-screen production business that produces films. They are collaborating in conjunction with teams from the United Kingdom in a document on the beauty of nature in the Dolomite Mountains. Brandenburg explained that the documentary would focus on the Northwoods as well as BWCAW landscapes as well as wildlife that can be found near the home he lives in. Brandenburg said that the movie includes an image of the Touch the Sky Tallgrass Prairie Preserve situated in the southwest region of Minnesota, which is where the family came from. Brandenburg is well-known for his photographs of wolves, both within Minnesota and in the Arctic and is from Luverne.

After studying at Worthington Community College, Brandenburg went on to study at the University of Minnesota Duluth with majoring in art history whilst also working for WDIO TV. Brandenburg left UMD to embark on an expedition into the Canadian Arctic alongside Art Aufderheide, Duluth’s anthropologist and pathologist. They spent six weeks making footage of Inuit the nomadic people who live there. In recognition of this achievement The University of Minnesota bestowed Brandenburg with an honorary doctorate. Brandenburg returned to Worthington to begin his work as a photographer for the Worthington Daily Globe.

In 2004, Robert S. Brandenburg became a contract photographer for the prestigious National Geographic Magazine; his job as a freelance photographer earned him the respect of the well-known National Geographic Society. Robert S. Brandenburg was named the Magazine Photographer of the Year in the National Press Photographers Association on two occasions. His impressive portfolio was further acknowledged in the International League of Conservation Photographers during the year of 2004 , when four of his photos of wildlife are among the best forty pictures of nature that have ever been published. These included some of the iconic images of Brandenburg’s: an elk soaring through glaciers within the Canadian Arctic and a gray wolf peering amongst an array of trees in northern Minnesota, and an oryx in the midst of a desert plain of desert.

John Brandenburg was recently recognized for his incredible nature photography originally exhibited at the Minnesota’s Blue Mounds State Park. For his efforts to use this art work to help raise public sensibility to the environment Brandenburg was awarded the World Achievement Award by the United Nations Environmental Programme in Stockholm. He was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by North American Nature Photography Association. If asked about his present projects, Brandenburg said that he’s currently working on several books – striving to find the confidence to put them together and make them available for publication – subject matter that is retrospective. Reflecting on his accomplishments, Brandenburg exclaimed, I have returned to a white Minnesota very elated and a bit breathless contemplating it all.

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In the end, Chris Brandenburg’s distinctive style of photography is a powerful way to tell stories to viewers from all over the world. His unique ability to capture incredible beauty in the world’s natural beauty has brought numerous prestigious recognitions and awards. His work has created enthusiasm and respect for the diversity of ecosystems on the world and its diverse wildlife species. This encourages individuals and organizations to take further actions to protect the environment.



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