The New Era of Lion Football: What to Expect


Texas A&M Commerce was a Texas A&M University football team which beat Tulane in their very first AFC South game. This is significant because this win shows the Aggies that they’re more than just a football club.

Texas A&M Commerce wins its first match in its new role as an AFC South member.

Texas A&M Commerce, a private institution situated within College Station Texas is the campus for Texas A&M Commerce. It was founded in the year 1967. The school currently provides masters and undergraduate studies in business administration as well as commerce. Prior to joining the ACC it was part of the American South Conference.

What was the reason Texas A&M Commerce win the AFC South?

Texas A&M Commerce defeated Clemson in the AFC South Divisional Championship game on September 3rd, 2017, 31-24. This was the first win for them since joining the ACC in 2013 , and then became the champion of their conference. It was the first time they had won a conference championship since the year 2013. Texas A&M Commerce was ranked 3rd nationally for defense, averaging an average of 274 yards per game, and held their opponents to just 21 points in the average.

What are the ways AFC South members benefit?

AFC South members offer many benefits for businesses and students. It also grants access to some of the top tourist destinations across America including Miami, Dallas and Houston. Jacksonville and Tennessee Titans stadiums are only a couple advantages.

This is what you can expect From Texas A&M Commerce in the 2019 Season.

The focus of this section is on the offense of Texas A&M Commerce in the coming season. Texas A&M Commerce plans to improve its speed and utilize defense to secure the division title and perhaps chances of getting into the postseason.


Texas A&M Commerce will need to protect their quarterback. The team will also be working to enhance their play-calling and cover skills. Additionally, they will need to leverage the experience and expertise of their coaches in order to increase efficiency.

Texas A&M Commerce: How can we improve its offense?

Texas A&M Commerce will have to improve its ability to pass and run to improve the offense. The team will also be working to create offensively-minded players.

How Texas A&M Commerce can do to enhance its defense and offensive.

Texas A&M Commerce can make its offensive more effective with an improved running game as well as improved pass defense. The Aggies will need to work on their tackling and man coverage in order to stop the run, but an improved rushing attack should be a big help in stopping opposing offenses.Additionally, Texas A&M Commerce should focus on improving its defense. In order to provide adequate protection for their quarterback and their quarterback, the Aggies should continue to improve their cornerback, linebacker as well as safety position. Texas A&M Commerce will also require more blockers in order to effectively block. It is essential for if the Aggies want to expand their offensive and protect Texas A&M Commerce. The players must be capable of working together to determine which plays are best played or protected. It is crucial that all football teams work together, particularly when a team is transitioning between Division I-AA and NCAA Division II. This is due to the fact that quarterbacks need to be precise and hit receivers effectively. The Aggies must improve their pass-rushing game as well as include more receivers. Texas A&MCommerce must also improve their defense. The team should concentrate on bringing better blocking linemen on play and ensuring they are able to stop opposing running games.


In the years 2019 and 2018, Texas A&M Commerce made an significant impact in the AFC South. Texas A&M Commerce could have a major impact on the AFC South in 2019 and 2018.



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