The Qatar Indian Authors Forum and its goals


Qatar Indian Authors Forum: Auning Dhaval, Rahuls , and Rahuls Platform for Cultural Exchange. The Qatar Indian Authors Forum is an Indian-based organization that encourages exchange of culture between India as well as Qatar. In honor of Dhaval Manna who was a Qatari writer as well as Rahuls Manna The forum was established. By promoting and sharing of culture and arts, this forum hopes to promote the understanding and cooperation between these two nations.

What is do the Qatar Indian Authors Forum do?

A forum to share thoughts, insights as well as experiences among India and Qatar The Qatar Indian Authors Forum exists. The forum provides the chance to connect and collaborate with authors from both countries. The forum allows writers from both India as well as Qatar to exchange ideas views, ideas, and experience with one another. By joining the QIAF can help you establish new relationships with fellow writers from both countries.

A Qatari Indian Authors Forum The Qatar Indian Authors Forum: What do you anticipate?

Qatar Indian Authors Forum is an event that will address the latest and future issues within Indian literature and cultural. There will be a variety of lectures and workshops are scheduled during the event by renowned Indian writers.

What will the conference’s theme be? on?

The conference will be focused on the current state of Indian literature and the literary movement within India and also the questions pertaining to the relationship between India and Qatar.

Who are the speakers who will be able to speak?

The forum will feature prominent Indian authors, such as Auning Dhaval as well as Rahuls.

Take part in this forum. Qatar Indian Authors Forum

Qatar Indian Authors Forum is an online platform which promotes the exchange of culture and brings together writers across Qatar. Go to the QIAF website to find out more about the program and fill out the application. QIAF organizes meetups as well as occasions. It is possible to send us your articles poetry, short stories or other works that you would like to review. The work you write is welcomed to be shared with other people in Qatar.

What can you do to ensure that your voice is heard?

Participating in the QIAF’s discussion is essential. It’s important to take part in the events and forums online, in which you are able to discuss your research and discuss it in writing.


Qatar Indian Authors Forum offers an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and learn more about the culture of Qatar. The conference topics are food, writing, art and more. Join in and make sure you are heard



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